Don Moen Songs – Don Moen Sings “With a Thankful Heart”

It’s Thanksgiving season here in the US. Even though there are still some restrictions due to COVID, that doesn’t change the fact that we still need to come into God’s presence each day with thankful hearts. Subscribe to DonMoenTV today:

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With a thankful heart
And a song of praise
We’ve come to You
Gathered in this place
For the things You’ve done
And for Who You are
We worship You
With a thankful heart

So we lift up our praise
And we lift up our sacrifice to You
Lord we offer our prayers
And we offer our lives in gratitude
For all You do
We worship You
With a thankful heart

With a thankful heart
We will give You praise
You’ve been so good
Covered us with grace
You have been our Strength
In a time so dark
So we worship You
With a thankful heart

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