Don Moen Songs – Don Moen – Divine Exchange (with Lyrics)

Don Moen – Divine Exchange (with Lyrics)
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Divine Exchange

Verse 1
O see the man of sorrow
See the Son of God
Stripped of heaven’s glory
In the name of relentless love
Pure and undeserved
Sure as Calvary
Weighed upon His shoulders
All our grief our iniquity

Alleluia alleluia
Praise be to God

Verse 2
O hear the scoffer mocking
See the Savior’s tears
Wounded and forsaken
Son of Man oh behold Him here
In the stead of failing
Burdened by despair
It was more than nails
Love alone is what kept Him there

Verse 3
O for the joy before Him
He was crucified
And the grave defeated
Through His death He has ransomed life
For the crippled sinner
And His stripes for pain
Every curse now broken
We receive this divine exchange

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