Don Moen – Somebody’s Praying For Me (Audio Performance Trax)

Audio Performance Track of Don Moen performing “Somebody’s Praying For Me” from his album ‘By Special Request: Vol 1’.

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Verse 1
I was lost in a desert land
So dry and thirsty
But God was there where He’d always been
Giving grace and mercy
So hard to sing and hard to pray
Yet I know His Word was true
And then one day my faith returned
And suddenly I knew

Chorus 1
Somebody’s praying for me
Somebody’s knocking on heaven’s door
Somebody’s praying for me
Somebody’s lifting me up to the Lord
(Well) I knew it had to be
Somebody down on their knees
Somebody praying for me

Verse 2
I’ve been spared by so many prayers
How many times I could not say
What a difference a prayer can make
When it’s offered up in faith
God has always made a way
When I didn’t know what to do
Just when I needed a miracle
That’s when your prayers broke through

Now I know that friend was you
You were the gift God gave me
‘Cuz when you prayed His love broke through
It was your prayers that saved me

Chorus 2
Thank you for praying for me
Thank you for knocking on heaven’s door
Thank you for praying for me
Thank you for lifting me up to the Lord
Now I can clearly see
That you were the one on your knees

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