What follows is an account of some dimensions of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. In this particular service, the anointing was used to unmask the dark powers causing problems to individuals.

Pastor said, “In the end times, God will unleash more of the Holy Spirit to accomplish His plans and purposes. God wants to release new types of anointing through the Body of Christ, but now it is in the initial stage [as of 2001 when this service took place]. God expects accountability. All gifts belong to God and God will manifest through us to accomplish His job and purposes. God gets all the glory, not any church or organization. God is a jealous God. He is the God who performs the miracles, not you and me.”

“There is an anointing to set you free and see to your needs. This anointing will zero in on the root cause. It will summon the dark powers behind your problem and they have to manifest themselves.”


Pastor walked down the aisle and points to an Indian woman to go up to the mike.

He then asks her, “What do you want from the Holy Spirit? Think carefully – you have only one request.”

She said, “I find it difficult to walk with God. I find myself going further and further from the Lord.”

Pastor shouts, “Damo.”

The woman started manifesting and a demon began growling through her throat.

Pastor asks the demon in her, “Is your name Damo?”


“Are you responsible for her spiritual condition?”


“Tell us how you did it.”

“I make sure she will forget God. I make her lazy and tired so that she does not have to spend time with God. I make her happy with her life and give her a lot of work to do.”

“How did you enter her?”

“I entered her through her stronghold spirits and through her mind. Her ancestors did a lot of wrong things.”

“Like worship you?”

“Yes. People who do not believe in strongholds are stupid. They get the enemy to come into their lives easily. They open doors to us to create havoc in their lives.”

“Alright, all your legal rights stripped. Go to your assigned place in hell.”

Pastor continues, “Some demons are subtle and are not unruly or violent. You will be surprised that some demons are like gentlemen but they are evil. In the spirit realm, some even dress up in coats and ties. Not all demonic manifestations are violent.”

Now the pastor asks the woman, “How do you feel now?”

“I feel light and my mind is very free now. I have no more thoughts of going far from God. Something has left me like a shadow. I feel liberated. I sense God now, and I will spend more time with Him.”


Pastor calls out an Indian man to the mike and asked, “What blessing do you want from the Holy Spirit?”

The man replied, “I feel something is disturbing me and making me feel that I wonʼt make it to heaven.”

Pastor summoned the evil spirit out, “Razi, come out.”

The man now is writhing in pain and groaning.

Pastor asked the demon, “Where were you before this?”

“I was in an elephantʼs body. I am known as Rajagabeli and I reside in a mountain in India.”

“How did you come here?”

“Fiery angels brought me here. I could not fight them.”

“What did you do to this man?”

“I troubled him by providing him opportunities to yield to temptations. I made him feel that he will not make it to heaven. I planned to bring him to hell.”

“Why are you crying now?”

“I am frightened because of the judgment of God.”

“Did you receive the document from the Lord Jesus Christ?”

“Yes, I did receive that document. It says that I have been judged and my time on earth is up.”

“How did you get into this man?”

“Through his ancestorsʼ worship of idols. It is not easy for such people to get out of this trap. We tie a large coil around his family. A large anointing can only break it. Many Christians think that after their baptism, they have no more strongholds. This is not true. This is worldly wisdom and understanding. We create circumstances to drag them down. Can I go now?”

“All your legal rights stripped. Go to the place in hell assigned to you.”

The demon left with a loud scream and the man fell to the floor.

Pastor continues, “If God gives you a breakthrough, He gives you a definite breakthrough. A lot of people do not understand deliverance. They impart from their soul through counseling, psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, philosophy etc. Godʼs way is the way of the anointing.”

John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.

The man gets up and testifies at the mike, “I felt something coiling around my body has left. The thought that I wonʼt make it to heaven has also left.”


Pastor calls up a Chinese woman to the mike, saying, “What do you want from the Holy Spirit?”

She says, “I have pride in my heart and mind and I want deliverance from this pride.”

Pastor says, “Behind negative and wrong thoughts and feelings are dark forces.”

Pastor called out loudly, “Lin Lai.”

The demon in the woman starts groaning and moaning and it appears tormented.

“Are you behind the pride in her heart and mind?”

The demon refused to answer and kept silent. The Pastor then consigned the demon to hell, and it left with a low moan.

He continues, “Demons have a right to remain silent, but the Judge has the right to pronounce judgment. The kingdom of God is a kingdom of law, order, and rules.”

After the woman got up from the floor, she went to the mike and testified, “I find my heart and mind have lowly thoughts. Something took control of me. The “thing” was angry and was forcefully removed.”

Pastor added, “Godʼs workings change lives and character.”


Pastor calls out Sam to go to the mike. “What blessing do you want from the Holy Spirit?”

He said, “I want healing for my low blood pressure.”

Pastor called out loudly, “Zalia.”

The demon started manifesting in Sam.

“Where were you before this?”

“I was in a temple in India, guarding the gate. I am a beast but I canʼt reveal more.”

Pastor exercised a word of knowledge and said, “You are a wolf spirit. You make sounds of lies. Because of your attitude, you are sent to a place of wrath. Go.”

The demon screamed and left.

Pastor continues, “Sometimes, you encounter different attitudes of demons. You have to heed the rules and laws of the spirit world. You cannot do as you like. Even a cop has to conduct himself in line with the laws of the country. If a cop misbehaves, he is charged and discharged. Similarly in the spirit world, you can be charged and discharged if you are lawless.”

Sam goes to the mike and testifies, “I feel something has broken and left me.”


Pastor calls up Steven, an elderly Chinese man to the mike. “What do you want from the Holy Spirit?”

“I need deliverance from doubts that keep creeping up in my mind. I even have doubts despite seeing the miracles in the sanctuary.”

Pastor then summoned the evil spirit causing this problem, “Addi.”

The demon manifests but refuses to answer. Pastor then consigned the demon to hell and Steven was set free from incessant doubting.

Pastor continues, “These spirits of doubt make you skeptical. However, they would have a foothold in your mind when you know the truth but you are reluctant or not ready to yield to the truth. These spirits see your uncertainty of mind and they come in to furnish you with dark reasoning as to why you should not yield yourself to these truths. The Bible says that the serpent was most subtle. The first attribute pointed out by God regarding the devil is his subtlety. When the evil spirit takes over a personʼs spirit, there is one problem. It is easy to cast out that evil spirit by a simple deliverance prayer. But when it overtakes the soul and its intellectual, emotional and volitional faculties, then the problem becomes complex and the personʼs character changes. It has become a very serious case. When you yield to the devilʼs suggestions, he enters your soul. Temptations come and you yield to them, and the evil spirits overtake your soul. The devil forces the temptations on you, not God. God can deliver any problem but if the person does not want God, He will not come in and help. If you want God to set you free, you must pray. If you do not, God will not.”

“You want the truth, but what is truth? To some, truth is what is acceptable to their mind, to their theology and to their sentiments. That is not the truth. Knowing the truth is the key to your breakthrough. Jesus is the Truth. The Holy Spirit is the Truth. You cannot perceive Godʼs truth without Godʼs grace. Man cannot perceive truth without God. Manʼs intellect and reasoning cannot perceive truth since it is filled with strongholds and sins. The devil has taken the opportunity to entrench his thoughts and ideas in our minds and reasoning. In that condition, you cannot perceive truth. If you keep entertaining doubts, you will suffer insanity. You do not discern what Satan has in plan for you. Truth comes from God. Jesus said, “I am the Truth.” The Holy Spirit will lead you to the truth. He will teach you the truth. In the spirit world, darkness can shield you from the truth. You do not know the dangers of ignorance of the truth. I lean on the Holy Spirit and God showed that behind my personal doubting is the enemy. God gave the grace to crush the enemy and give me a personal breakthrough in my thought life and my faith life.”

“Some peopleʼs problems are complicated because they have a long line of ancestral curses behind them. That is why some cannot have breakthroughs even after praying for so long. God is powerful but He exercises power according to laws. Some demons have powerful grips over individuals because they hold documents over them. Their ancestors have sold their families to the devil in return for demonic power during their lifetime. These demons then hold the title deeds to the souls of their descendants. Such documents are high documents. That is why the demonic control over some people is so strong. It has spilled over to their soul – intellect, emotion, and will. That is why some people are hardcore criminals. Some people are in multiple bondage of the devil. However, the curses can be undone, if the individual pleads for grace from God. There is a law in heaven that anyone who asks for grace will not be denied – they will be granted grace. Now you know what grace is. Grace is able to deliver you from terrible bondages and problems inherited from your ancestors.”

“However, the individual must ask for grace from God to be delivered. If he does not, God will not. Why did God not deliver Judas? It is because he willed to betray the Lord Jesus Christ. God gave a timeframe to Judas to change his ways but he did not. Satan then asked God for Judas and God told Satan that he could have Judas. The individual who asks for grace to be delivered from his or her individual problems must be humble and upright. The Holy Spirit will do the rest.”

“However, after you have asked for grace, you must wait for the blessings in faith. God gives certain blessings at certain times. You have to wait for Godʼs timing. There is a time factor for deliverance. In heaven, there are many legal cases brought by Satan against us. Jesus has to defend us. All legal suits in heaven are settled according to righteousness and justice so that nobody can accuse God of unrighteousness. Only when the matter is settled in heaven, can it be settled down here on earth.”

“When the enemy attacks your mind, reject his thoughts immediately. If you entertain the devilʼs thoughts, you can be entrenched in them and you will be led to eternal doom. There was once a law case in heaven involving one of our church members. The Holy Spirit revealed this case to me to let me know what is happening among the people here. Satan told the Judge, “I want this man because he thinks dirty thoughts.” God answered, “I know this man – he hates these thoughts.” Then Satan replied, “If that is so, then why did he not reject them?” God had to reply, “You can have him.” However, I pleaded with God for him and God granted my petition and spared him, for my sake. When a pastor walks closely with God and pleases Him greatly, God will have regard for him. When he prays for a troubled member of his flock, God will hear him and spare the member because of His regard for him. You must know Godʼs ways in order to please Him. However, if the pastor is unrighteous and lawless, God will not have any regard for him. Even his prayers are an abomination to Him, how much more if he prays for anyone of his congregation. That is why, under such lawless pastors, their congregations are suffering and do not have breakthroughs. You should know your pastors and those who labor over you.”

John 8:29 And He who sent Me is with Me. The Father has not left Me alone, for I always do those things that please Him.”

1 Thessalonians 5:12 And we beseech you, brethren, that you come to know those who labor among you, and are over you in the Lord and admonish you.

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