We were in prayer in the church, seeking the presence of the Almighty. The more we prayed, the more the Lord began to move. There was actually a spiritual fight with the principalities and rulers. We were rebuking every spirit of darkness. We rebuked wicked spirits in the air.

While we were interceding and crying out, in a blink of an eye, I began to observe thousands of demons that were not far from us. Those demons were approaching and trying to reach us.

Quickly, I realized that there was a force that prevented them from reaching when I was together with the brothers in the church. There was a substructure there and a cover that surrounded us, and it was the covering of the Holy Spirit of God.

To my surprise, I started to see a lot of witches flying with brooms. Those witches were flying like in the film, everything was real. Many things that happen in the movies is totally real. We started to reprimand all the work of Satan.

It was then the Lord’s voice of authority spoke audibly with power, like thunder.

He told me these words, “Diego, today witches and sorcerers have gathered in order to fast for 40 days.”

This is what the Lord told me on the 2nd of October. On that day, sorcerers and witches started fasting and prayer to make satanic pacts during a period of 40 days.

The Lord told me, “Tell My people they need to get up and rise like warriors. Tell them to take out the time that I made available. The moment to take out weapons has come.”

The Lord told me, “Servant, you need to dress with the armor. Take out the sword of the Spirit and the shield of faith and helmet of salvation. For this month, there will be a fight with principalities, rulers of darkness. There are going to be fights with satanic witches and wizards.”

The Lord told me, “Servant, you know that glasses on the land are used many times. That is your case.”

I cried in His presence as He told me these words, “On Earth people use a glass many times. Likewise, in front of My presence, you are like a glass that I will use many times and I will take you when I want and I will use you when I want. You are a glass of Mine.”

I said, “Thank You, Lord, for the many wonders, many revelations, and many dreams.”

The Lord told me, “This is because I had a glass in front of Me, and I will take you just like they take glasses on the ground and they use them many times.”


And while the Lord said these words to me, a war broke out in the church against principalities and rulers. The church began to cry out in battle. At that moment, I saw the skies that began to open. When the skies began to open the clouds moved and ran from one side to the other.

I saw the third Heaven and my spiritual view began to rise. I began to see thousands and millions of angels dressed in white resplendent robes descending from the upper Heaven. As thousands and millions of angels came riding on white horses, at the front of these thousands of angels, I saw warriors and giants riding white horses in front of these battalions. These giant warriors were strong and muscular.

I remember one of them had a drawn sword upon which was written, “Holiness.” He was carrying that sword which was a sword of fire. At that time, I said, “I know who is their commander with a drawn sword. It is the Archangel Michael that is at the front.”

Then another commander came approaching me and riding. Another angel came descending. Another angel had shining white robes and many scrolls in his hand. He had golden hair like gold, blue eyes like water. I remember that they came walking to where I was there.

And I said in my mind, “This is the Archangel Gabriel because I have already seen him. He has been with me.”

They approached with thousands of angels. As two commanders approached me, I recognized Michael. His eyes were green and so beautiful. He had very strong muscles and beautiful golden hair. Out of their bodies was emanating light, like flames of fire issuing from their bodies. All the rays that came out of their bodies were like electricity for these rays were resplendent.

As Michael stepped towards me, he told me, “I am Michael. Hold my hand because I’m going to go down with you to that place where I’m going to show you things according to the will of God.”

Quickly I took his hand. I no longer knew about my body, I only saw a hole opening on the Earth. And from that hole, I began to see many shadows and demons coming out and emerging to the surface. These shadows and demons went out of this portal and started running into the air. Quickly we started to descend in the opening. We descended to the infernal world and I was scared.

We arrived at a very large port. It was the gate of the entrance to Hell. It was a gate upon which they were four letters. I observed this inscription carefully. When that gate was opened, we entered in Hell, where the Archangel Michael showed me cells that I saw previously.

I started to see 16 cells that were locked in chains that were gold. I noticed in a relative distance an entity that was sitting on the throne, and I saw him rising from his throne.

The Archangel Michael told me, “Look over there for this is our enemy, the devil.”

I observed Satan that rose from the throne and started walking towards the first cell. Satan had very long horns and a very long beard that came down reaching his chest. He had breasts and goat legs. The devil had very large ears and some very long claws.

When he got to the first cell, the Archangel Michael told me, “Fear not, because the church where you congregate in the Rivers of Living Water, brothers are crying out. They have asked my Father to cover you with the precious blood of the Lamb. The adversary won’t be able to see you. Only you will observe and you will hear what they are going to say. For it is necessary that you hear this message to tell the Church.”

Very quickly I saw Satan opening the first cell. The demon that was chained, said to the devil, “Release me and let go of me.”

Satan said, “Finally the moment and the hour have come, I will let you go. Because you were made to perpetrate wickedness. You will sow wickedness in the heart of men. You’re going to turn the hearts of men wicked.”

The wicked spirit said, “I was made to sow wickedness in the hearts of men.”

Finally, the devil removed his chains and said, “I want you to go and cause wickedness in the hearts of God’s people, especially when they are already corrupt from the exterior. I want you to enter the hearts of these Christians because it is necessary that their hearts become corrupted against their neighbors, for there are still people out there that love.”

This demon started to say to the devil, “I’m going to put malice in their hearts.”

This demon left his prison and started to emerge on the surface through the gateway that was a hole. I saw how he traveled to Earth that day.

I cover myself with Your precious blood, Lord Jesus Christ.

This was the first demon to come out of prison to attack the Church of Christ with the spirit of wickedness. Keep your heart so it will not be corrupted by evil. Guard your heart because in it are the issues of life.

Then the devil got to the second cell, where I saw a demon in the form of a woman. Actually, he had two appearances, that of a man and a woman. This wicked spirit said to Satan, “Let me go.”

The devil said, “The moment has come for me to release you because you were created to put lust in the hearts of men.”

This was the demon of lust. Satan started telling him, “You will corrupt and stay in the temple.”

I asked the Archangel Michael, “Why is he supposed to corrupt the temple and who stay in that temple?”

Michael told me, “Listen carefully, because what he is talking about is the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is the bodies of the believers. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. And this is the spirit of lust that corrupts the body.”

The devil began to give order to the one that was to put lust in the bodies of the people.

The devil said, “You’re going to insert lust in people who stand in front of the congregation on the pulpit. Put lust in people that tread the holy altar. I want you to go and put the lust in those who are in positions in the church. Put the seed of lust so that the temple will be stained.”

The devil was talking about the temple that are the bodies of the Holy Spirit. Every day, cover your body from head to the soles of your feet, so that the spirit of lust, fornication, and adultery would not enter your life.

The demon came out running and shouting, “Lust! I’m going to put lust in them.”

I remember that he began to pause before me. But there was a cover of the blood of the King of kings and Lord of Lord.

When Satan opened the third cell, there was a very sad demon tied with chains.

Satan approached him and said, “You were created to instigate suicides for you are the demon of suicide and despair. You will attack humanity entering their minds and telling them they are worthless. Tell them in their minds that nobody loves them. No one wants them so that they kill themselves and then they will come to this place.”

The demon told Satan, “I will tell them, no one loves them. God does not love them and they are worthless. And when they kill themselves, I’m going to bring their souls down to this place.”

Satan laughed out loud.

The Archangel Michael said, “Listen carefully but fear not for there is power in the blood of Christ Jesus.”

That demons screamed, “I’m going to bring their souls to this place.”

Beloved, don’t let the spirit of murder enter your life or your family because the One who loves you is Jesus Christ. He gave His life for you and me so He loves you with true love, and He does not want you to die but have eternal life together with Him.

The moment Satan approached the fourth cell that door was opened. I saw a demon that had many movies around him. I saw how at that time the demon was showing all the movies on the giant screen. The demon was projecting a lot of movies.

The Archangel Michael told me, “Look with attention and keep in your memories all the movies that are projected by this demon.”

Satan told him, “Keep projecting these movies because I want you to bring souls to this place.”

The Archangel Michael told me, “What you observe is the demon that makes horror movies. And those films are stamped with the seal of Satan. And behind each film bears the stamp of Satanism, which are satanic.”

I remember that at that time, Satan left that cell and headed to the fifth cell. When that fifth cell was opened, I was surprised to see a demon that was making many stuffed animals. He started to make many cartoons. I remember that he started to draw them. Later, I saw that those animated drawings came alive and turned into demons.

And Satan came up and said, “I want you to go and put these drawings on television. I want you to go and deploy these demons that are character heroes on television because I want to bring many children big and small to this place of fire.”

Satan told him, “Keep designing and doing these cartoons because I want to bring children to this place.”

Michael told me, “Look how Satan has no compassion on little ones. This cartoon very soon you are going to see them on television. This demon is the one who draws them and they come alive to cause disobedience to children. Those drawings that you saw cause destruction, rebellion, and disobedience.”

I remember that at that time, these cartoons started to come out of that hole and they started running. In those cells, the name of Disney Channel was written. I watched those Disney letters that began to light up.

When we reached the sixth cell, there was a demon that was in chains, for I saw many chains. This demon had around him many money, many banknotes, and many golds, many coins.

Satan collected some and told him, “You are assigned to put the desire for wealth in the hearts of God’s children, and you are created to cause God’s children to meditate wealth in their hearts.”

The Archangel told me, “The love of money is the root of all evil. Now listen to what Satan is telling this demon.”

I heard Satan telling this demon, “You have a lot of money. I want you to go and put in the hearts of those who are looking for the presence of that God, the desire for wealth. Go to those who are preaching, I want you to put the desire for more money in their hearts. Because when the love of money enters their hearts, they will come in this place of darkness. They will come to this place because they will be polluted by the root of all evils.”

I saw this demon telling Lucifer, “I’m going to put death to the riches for those who are looking for wealth. I will bring their souls to this place. I’m going to bring them to this place.”

He then began to laugh out loud. I saw that devil rising to Earth with all his money and he went out of that hole.

At that moment we arrived where the throne of Satan was. I observed that Satan had many libraries where he had many books. I saw Satan writing a book, and the Archangel told me, “What you see are books that were written by Satan himself that he is going to deliver to Satanists on the Earth. Satan was writing all the satanic books that are going to be read by Satanists. Satan demands that they do what those satanic books instruct.”

I observed a book next to the throne of Satan. A big book shaped as if it was the Book of Life but it was a dark black book.

The Archangel told me, “Diego, that book that you see is where Satan has registered all the Satanists who have made a pact on Earth with him. All the Satanists on Earth are recorded in that book.”

I observed that and I told the angel, “Please get me out of this place. I don’t want to be any more in this place for it smells nauseous. I no longer want to be in that place where only darkness covers us.”

The Archangel Michael, at that moment, told me, “Listen.”

I observed that there were many more demons tied up in the other cells but the Archangel didn’t tell me who they were. But very soon, they will also be released for the End Times.

Then I started to observe many demons that ran from side to side in Hell and they said, “We are falling. We no longer want to hear them singing songs that are piercing our ears.”

It seemed that something was hurting them in the ears.

And the Archangel Michael told me, “Listen with attention.”

I started to hear many praises given to the King of kings and Lord of lords and Hell was trembling. Demons were trembling and Satan said, “I can’t stand it anymore. Go shut up the church. I can’t bear to hear anymore.”

The Archangel Michael said, “Listen to this with attention for these praises to my Father are coming from the Earth.”

I listened to these praises. I said to myself, “This are the praises that we sang today in the Rivers of Living Water congregation. The brothers and I sang to God in agreement with many instruments that sounded.”

The Archangel Michael told me, “Praise has power. That’s why Hell’s demons and Satan tremble at the praise of God’s people. Praise has power.”

Finally, we went out of that place and we started to climb to the second Heaven. When we ascended to the second Heaven I entered a hole where I started to observe many principalities.

The Archangel Michael said, “They are principalities and I’ll tell you which ones are the names of the principalities.”

There were a lot of demons. Every demon had on his chest a plate with his name.

The Archangel Michael told me, “Listen with attention because principalities are against us.”

I looked at many principalities that had names on their chests, such as jealousy and strife, dissensions, heresies, envies, homicides.

The Archangel Michael told me, “They are against the Church.”

I saw a huge demon that had writing on his chest that said, “Idolatry.”

The Archangel Michael told me, “Now I’ll show you a ruler.”

I saw a great devil that said, “I am the god of idolatry.” Another demon rose up and said, “I am the god of sorcery.” Another demon rose and said, “I am the god of rulers and politicians.” I began to see that a fourth demon said, “I am the god of wealth and fame.”

“These are the main rulers the churches are fighting,” Michael said, “Now come, I have to show you something else.”

We traveled to a place where I saw the gate that said, “Welcome to the Paradise of God.”

One moment to another I saw that I was standing before a great throne, where a Being of light was seated on the throne. I saw that the One sitting on the throne was a burning flame. There were lightning and roaring sounds that came out of that throne, resplendent and illuminating the throne.

At that moment, I heard a strong and powerful voice like thunder and waves of water. I felt that Heaven and Earth were shaking. I shuddered. I remember the words of the One sitting on the throne.

He said, “I am that I am, Lord of lords and King of kings. I’m the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. I am He that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive forevermore.”

I was prostrate. But what amazed me in Heaven, I no longer saw the angels in the streets of gold for billions of angels were assembled before the One who was sitting on the throne. They were thousands and millions of angels prostrated and they said, “Holy.”

I saw the one that seemed like an Elder rising. He was golden. And He climbed those steps sitting on a throne and said these words to the Father, “A 1000 years have passed and we have finished all and the details are in place. We have finished all the details.”

I asked the Archangel, “Why did the Ancient say that the 1000 years have passed and He has finished doing everything and all things are now in place.”

The Archangel Michael told me, “You will understand everything, servant because for my Father, one day is 1000 years and 1000 years is a day. All the details are in place. We are worshipping the One on the throne after getting everything ready. We are waiting for the order of the Almighty to descend and get the Church.”

I saw angels prostrated, they were worshiping the Almighty. I was shocked at what I had listened and the Almighty the Father who was on the blessed throne said to me, “Come forward.”

I started to walk, then I fell prostrate at His feet. He began to tell me, “My son, I will never leave you helpless. I am always with you, and I will be with you wherever you go.”

I said, “Lord, my Father, my heart breaks when people say that what You have done with me is a lie. They say it’s not true. What are You going to do about it, Father?”

The Lord was silent for several minutes.

The Lord spoke these words with authority and power, “My words are faithful and true. Those who said it is not true and not faithful, I decree from this moment, they will be the first that the Earth will swallow when My judgment comes down to Earth. Do not fear because My words are faithful and true. They will be the first to be swallowed when I send My judgment to Earth because I can not be mocked and remember that I am the King of kings.”

At that time I started crying to the Lord.

He told me, “I am that I am and My name is Jehovah of the Armies.”

He repeated it three times, “Be brave. Try harder and be brave. Do your best and do not fear what man says, Do not be afraid of being called false because My words will be faithful and true. Those who reject My words will be the first that the Earth will swallow when My judgment comes. I will not be mocked because I am the Almighty.”

At that moment, He started to tell me, “Diego, go and announce this message because the time is up. And I’m going to get My beloved bride. I’m coming to look for My church. Announce what I will say for My judgment is not going to stop and tell them My judgment is still standing. Prepare yourself.”

“Mexico,” the Lord said with authority, “Just as I have sent judgment in Indonesia, I will continue to send judgment to all nations and then My judgment will not stop because I am that I am. I am going to get My people. All the thunder, rays and lightning that you can observe in Heaven because of My voice announce that I am coming to the land that I am angry with the Church. I’m angry with the nations and the Church that claimed to be My Church. This Church saddened Me and has provoked Me to anger and it is necessary that My judgment falls on the land and take out the rebels.”

“I know what I gave you. Nobody has received what I have given you, because you are a glass in front of Me. And wherever you go announcing My words, I will go with you and I will show you My power. In these last times, I will be with you. Remember that I am Jehovah of the Armies. I’m the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. The last details are already in place in the celestial sky. Now I’m going to put the last details in place on the land.”

He told me, “Look!”

I started to look down at the Earth. I started to see as if there was a GPS navigating the land and pointing the church where I congregate.

The Lord told me, “I’m going to cover the churches that worship Me in truth and spirit.”

Later on, the Archangel Michael went on to show me a board where I could observe names of many churches, and there were 102 churches that I could count.

The Archangel said, “There are 102 churches that are making war on Satan in fasting and prayer. Only 102 churches that are seeking my Father in spirit and truth.”

It was all that the Lord showed me through His angel. God bless you at this time, Church.

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