In the Second Heaven, there are Demons called “Destiny Hunters” who are assigned against our destiny. These demons operate through human agents and imps who would steal our destiny.

The PLACENTA and HOSPITALS– The umbilical cord and placenta are Gates through which satanists gain easy access to a baby’s destiny. We if realize, the placenta of a baby is never given to the mother; but is left in the hands of the hospital workers.
This makes it very easy for satanist to get to the placenta and steals the baby’s destiny and cast manipulation on the child.
When a baby is born or taken to the hospital, there are Nurses and Doctors who are in high classes of satanism and witchcraft in whose hands our babies would be placed.
They would take the opportunity to steal the child’s destiny and capture their stars through the taking of blood, or by incantations etc. The blood is used for various reasons but is many times used to see if there is any link in the blood. A child being born of an Occultic parent, out of wedlock, or is under covenant will have a link in the blood, which is a marker of the presence of a satanic oath.
There are other ways their destinies are stolen. These are through the child’s clothing, and other items used by the child like toys, school stationeries, by the touching of the head and hand, etc.

Children born of wedlock have a covenant bond in their bloodline. Witches would take their blood to the 2nd heaven to look for these covenants, in order to user it as a doorway. They would proceed to destroy the person’s life through incantations.
These incantations would turn the child’s life upside down. If the child were to attain a master’s degree, the child would either be stuck with an Associate Degree or no degree at all.
The child would be stopped at High school Level or become a Primary or become High School dropouts; never getting a full Education.
If the child was supposed to be a Doctor, because the child’s destiny was stolen, he or she would be stuck in the position of secretary or Preschool teacher, or even a Janitor etc.

In the kingdom of darkness, the celestial demons would also hold our stars captive or suck the energy from our stars. When this happens, our life force, our destiny would be sucked out. We would not get anywhere within reach of our destiny.
​Note: Your Destiny CANNOT be erased; but it can only be delayed and even blocked.
The Demons are able to access the unborn children’s destiny because of sin. Also, ancestral curses will give the Devil access to rob us before we were born.
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The kingdom of dark would take the photos of its victims to the Covens, or demonic altars. They would use these photos to cast satanic spells upon the person; the photo is a point of contact.
They look for links in the blood that would be a legal ground. Any covenant found will be used as a doorway into the person’s life. Therefore, Facebook and Instagram and other social medias have become harvest ground for Occultist.

Also, the satanist would steal the items [clothes ware] of people in order to harness their sweat trapped in these items. In the sweat is the person’s blood secretion, and in that is the person’s DNA. With this they gain access to the person’s life.
Sport fields are a place where sweats of the players are harvested. Through magic, they are able to collect the sweat of the players and steal their destiny. Football is a sport that is highly compressed with satanic energy.
Sports creates an outburst of energy through the shouting of the people. Demons feed on this energy.

​These is a sect of Cosmic demons called “Prayer Hunters”. These are responsible for capturing of prayer that approached the second heavens without fire and protection.
These Demons exist on the spiritual plain of existence within the 4th realm of the Cosmic World of Satan. This realm is the “Kingdom of Persia”. They battle the prayers of the Saints and confiscate their blessings.

When a Christian prays, his/her prayer would rise to heaven. If this prayer does not meet the condition of the principles of prayer, it will not be mixed with hot fire. Therefore,  the Prayer Hunters would capture this prayer and bring it to their chambers for decoding.
If they manage to decode your prayer, then knowledge of the content of your prayer would be revealed. This would allow the demons to deploy agents of darkness against you, to destroy you in the areas that you were weak.
All these are possible because of the disposition of Christian’s prayer type.
The Bible says in Revelation 5:8 and Psalms 141:2; that our prayers are like incense before God. The word “ketoret” [incense] itself properly denotes “smoke” as in Isaiah 6:4.
Therefore, Christians’ prayers appear in three forms of incense or smoke; “Drifting smoke”, Ascending smoke”, and “Fiery smoke”.  All prayers appear like smoke that is rising toward heaven. Rev 8. More on this topic can be seen on “THE TWO PRAYERS DEMONS CANNOT STOP”

There are people whose prayers are so powerful that from the earth the smoke become engulfed with flames. Nevertheless, many times, as people begin to pray, their prayers look like the first type. But as they continue praying, their prayers change and become like the second type of prayer.  And as they continue praying, suddenly their prayers ignite into flames. Their prayers become so powerful that they pierce through the rock.
It is said that when the melting begins, it is so hot that no demon or human spirit can stay there; they run away.

If a Christian’s prayer is changing to fire, the agents and demons would communicate with the other spirits on earth to distract you. If God’s people would persist in this kind of fiery prayer, they would be walking in their blessings in full and the kingdom of darkness would crumble significantly around them.
An ex-Satanist who gave this testimony said he did not know of a single case in which prayer broke through and the answer did not come.

Sometimes during intense prayer, just when you are in the flow of the Spirit, the cell phone would ring. They use cell phone calls to distract or would send someone to visit your home during this prayer time. They would use your own body against you like hunger, pain etc. or would use the children.
When your cell rings, its ringtone is a distraction. If you answer it, then you cut off the momentum of your prayer. Many think he or she can just continue in this momentum of prayer after answering the cell, but that is false. You are back to square one and must start all over to build back that momentum in the spirit realm.

Our lifestyle determines our victory in the spirit realm and also determines the disposition of our angels. If we are weak in faith the Angels fighting for us will not be able to fight for us against the Demons. If our faith is strong the Angels will prevail, but if after a time our faith begins to weaken, then the Angels will begin to lose the battle.

Whatever spiritual weapon you ignore on earth, your angel does not have it when he serves you. In other words, our spiritual armour is not only protecting our spirit bodies; it is protecting our spiritual exploits. If the one who prays knows of the spiritual armor and is clothed with it, the Angel who comes will also clothed in full armour. However, if the one who prays doesn’t care about being clothed in spiritual armor, their angel comes to them without spiritual armor.

​These demons are demons of death and are workers of the Kromagnon kingdom [Cemetery world]. They go around seeking dying souls to devour, or would be conjured by witchcraft to take the life of a victim.
The Catholic Priests invoke these demons to take the life of a person through a death ritual called “The Last Rite”. When people call the Catholic Priest to do a Last Rite, it is dangerous.

Demons of death can be destroyed. When this demon comes to you, you can destroy it by prayer and the blood of Jesus; remember, the antidote for death is life and the life is found in the blood [Lev 17:14].
The Nimrod is a warrior and is known as a mighty hunter in the scriptures. Is paganism, he is known as the sun-god, son of the mother-goddess Semiramis.
In darkness, he is a trainer of warriors and is a mighty demon Hunter.

Satanist would assign demons of defiance and rudeness in order to curse the child or person. They do that on the basis of Exo 21:17, “And he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death.” 

All those who have cuss, disrespect or curse their parents should repent.

There is another way in which the Second heaven stops our prayers, and this is through our words spoken in the realm of the flesh through anger, hurt etc.
The Marine kingdom would steal the words of people in order to set manipulations and snares for them, e.g., during anger and rage people most times say negative things. These words are captured and brought to the second heaven.
When you say, “I will only marry this type of person” then you have set a breach and limitation upon your life. The demons would take your words to ensure that you fall into many relationships, not finding your destiny in true marriage.
When you say to someone, “You are my Angel? The Angel that guards you would leave.