Peace of Christ. Beloved in Christ, I’m your brother Helder Luemba. In the month of October, I had many experiences of spiritual battles at a level that I have not yet experienced.

I saw demons of various forms and types. They attacked me with various types of hellish serpents. There was a lot of war but God always guaranteed me victory in the face of these wars of demons.

Before my morning devotional, I went to rest waiting in anticipation of my daily prayer and communion at dawn. Every day at dawn, I hold prayer and communion with the Lord.

I was about to start my daily communion and prayer, when suddenly I saw two radiant angels coming to fetch me and they took me up in the air. We were moving in the sky.

As I went with angels, I didn’t understand anything. Very quickly, I began to notice that these angels of the Lord that took me in the air were agitated, and we moved in great speed from one side to the other. I soon realized that the angels of God were in a great war in the air with a wicked spirit of space because of me.

Previously, I didn’t think these wars of angels and demons were that serious. But when I saw the angels of God agitated, I realized this was really serious. I heard the sound of swords clashing. I saw rays of light. There were thunder and lightning and a movement in this battle in the air. All this was very disturbing for me. But I was rested. Because I knew I was a witness to this because God wanted me to see the great battle of angels and demons.

In this confrontation, there were sudden movements. We were moving here and there at the speed of light. And we were performing an incredible movement in space because of the angels of God that were fighting for my life.

After watching this battle of angels and demons that lasted for a while, I was taken back to my room. When I arrived, I came across another very radiant angel, and intense light was emanating from this angel of heavens. The transparent light was so intense that my room was illuminated and very radiant.

On that day, I thought a lot about the danger that is there in space due to powers of darkness. Thank you, Lord, because You are majestic, and allowed me to watch this battle, for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

After a few days, I started to intensify more in prayer. I knew that the spiritual world was in turmoil because we are in the harvest time. The harvest is plentiful. The kingdom of light is reaping souls for purification, but the darkness is also fighting for these souls to precipitate them in the lake of fire.

One afternoon in October, while I was resting due to tiredness, I saw with my spiritual eyes several Satanists that were furious and extremely angry against me. They were gathered against me.

Then I saw a lady who was standing in the middle of the Satanists. She was a goddess. I saw that the hair of this goddess was turned into small snakes. And when she moved her head, these snakes were deployed to attack me. But God gave me victory against them, and they were neutralized in the name of Jesus.

So the wig and false hair that women are buying and wearing are snakes. The lady wigs in the spiritual realm are snakes. Women of God shouldn’t put these wigs that they are buying on their heads for these hairs and wigs are hundreds of snakes on their heads.

On that same month, I did a dry fasting program. I was always trying to consecrate myself even more to the Lord Jesus. While I was resting after intense and long prayer, and meditation, and praise, I decided that I was to rest a little.

My brothers, when I slept, I saw a vision. And in my spiritual view, I was looking and watching things like someone who was watching television. Clearly, I saw that around me there were various types of demons of all types imaginable. Some were very big, others small, others medium. Some of them had heads like robots. Others had a small head, but a very large body. I never imagined that they were so deformed like that. They were of all kinds. And they were looking at me and watching me.

And finally, they began to approach where I was. When they tried to touch my bed, I saw that I and my bed were already floating literally in the air. These demons tried to follow me in the air and they tried to reach me. The more they tried, the more the bed went up in the air, and they were not able to touch me. Glory to God!


In my office, while I was in prayer against the water forces and marine demons for the church and families, I went to rest after my prayers. Suddenly I realized that the walls of the office disappeared as if they no longer exist. At that moment I saw two large and gigantic beings of huge size and in a demonic way they entered my office and they said to one another, “We have come in the right place, we must capture him.”

My dear, those beings were so big and strong, that I myself was scared and unable to make any movement. I saw what they wanted to do. From their appearance, these demons were of marine species. They wanted to destroy me and captured my soul because they were angry against my ministry. They were sent by the devil. They came close to where I was. I looked at them.

And I looked to see if the Lord had sent an angel to deal with these demons on that day. To my surprise, I didn’t see the angels of the Lord. God wanted me to face these wicked spirits alone. Sometimes God wants me to develop my faith more and more in trusting Him, regardless of the situation. And these demons couldn’t touch and capture me.

I heard them identifying me as the son of the King. I knew they were talking about Jesus. They were afraid of the King, including His work, because they knew they could be spoiled in a second if Jesus wanted it.

These marine demons behaved like serpents. They began to crawl in my office. I looked up and in my heart, “Jesus, where are You? You allowed them to come in here. Jesus, take these demons out of here.”

I was very calm, but a little scared because those beings brought with them a lot of negative energy, which froze the place where they were standing.

While looking at the skies, in that vision, the sky shone for me. In other words, the Lord wanted me to trust Him in this situation. He was training me for a spiritual battle tactic. After that moment, I saw a very bright and radiant man. This resplendent angel was the help of the Lord sent to me, the Lord who made heaven and earth.


The Lord took me to Brazil in a vision, still in the month of October, to see the powers and principalities that reign and dominate that land with intensity. The Lord took my spirit and put me at Sao Paulo/Guarulhos airport. We navigated many places in the city.

When we arrived in a shopping center, I opened the gate of this shop, where I saw a lot of ladies dressed with their breasts exposed, and they seem to be possessed by demon mermaids. And they made many people that came to do shopping fornicate with them through the eyes.

I saw a large number of young people walking indecently and doing sensual dances on the streets. Some were in sensual clothes they thought were normal, but I thought this was simply a high level of indecency, and they caused many Christians in this country to be prostitutes, for the Lord told me that the mermaids’ powers and marine spirits are strong and active in the land of Brazil. And these mermaid powers lead many people to live double lives. People come to church, but they also live with boyfriends.

The Lord said, “Many people in bands worship Satan. In their bands, many singers have signed pacts and covenants with water spirits to make great songs. Even evangelical singers are signing pacts with marine powers.”

The Lord told me, “It is mainly romantic singers that have made pacts with mermaids and demons of water to seduce men and women with their voices. And these romantic singers’ mission is to sleep with several girls and with their music, the kingdom of water is destroying marriages so that men leave their partners to go and stay with other mistresses and girlfriends. This marine power is falling on people, you must continue to pray more to destroy their strength.”

The Lord said, “Even pornography comes from marine power of the water kingdom.”

Then I was taken to another shopping center. I’m not sure what I witnessed. I mean, I saw millions of young people. They were without eyes, without ears, and they had swords, and they were coming to destroy me. Quickly I saw that I was with men who I realized were angels. I see them very often.

When I used authority against these young people that were deformed, they fell to the ground. They couldn’t bring me down. Because when I entered that place, I was clothed with great authority. And when I lifted and moved my hands, they were destroyed. The angels fought with me in this battle.

Then the Lord said to me, “These young people are possessed with the spirits of violence. This is the power of violence in Brazil, which is making many people join gang robberies, assaults, drugs, murders, and corruption. This power has several deaf and dumb demons, which cause people not to live fully free. They surrendered today and tomorrow, they end up losing their faith and returning to the same things that they had already abandoned.”

The Lord also told me that Brazil is a country of experiments of principalities and powers of darkness. Very often people’s behaviors, lifestyles, and characteristics are forged in satanic laboratories by principalities.

The Lord also told me that Brazil is full of human demons. These false human beings that are demons are doing a mission to destroy true Christians and make the gospel become fun.

Then the other day the Lord took me in a vision, I saw many ladies. Mainly, they were dressed in white clothes. And they had rosaries, beads, and some chains. I saw that by the skin tone and culture, this was the land of Brazil.

Then the Lord showed me my name among them as they danced. And these ladies did Macumba against my name and they danced traditional dances.

My God, when I woke up from this vision, I sent a lot of fire of God to these forces that are working wickedness against me. I don’t know why they were doing that to me. I didn’t do anything against them. But they’re suffering, even without knowing me.

The Lord told me that the forces of Umbanda, Candomblé and all the strength of spiritists in Brazil against Christians fall by the power of Jesus. Amen!


October, for me was a month with a lot of spiritual battles and visitations. So I left all morning activities. I went camping on a big mountain beside the sea, where I was fasting. I was in prayer the whole time. I preferred to go there to the mountain on Monday and come back on Friday. Receiving the Lord is very easy, but it is difficult to keep communion, closeness, and intimacy with Him.

On the second day soon something happened in my spirit. I saw white lights with my naked eye. I heard a voice that told me that they are angels of God rising and descending to me on this mountain. So I continued seeking the face of God in this mount, waiting for the touch and visitation from the beloved Savior.

After seeing angels descending and ascending, I also saw demons approaching. I saw that these demons were black shadows. Later on, I saw appearing many mermaid demons, for I was praying on the mountain around the sea. These mermaid demons were uncomfortable with my presence in that mountain.

During these days of prayer, there were great battles. Snakes of all kinds were coming against me. I used the sword of the Spirit and cut the works of darkness. They will fight sometimes all day. I was just fighting to undo the enemy’s works.

The mermaid demons were observing me preparing from the waters of the sea beside the mountain. In fact, I am no longer afraid of them for nothing, because the Lord is with me.

So on the third day of fasting in my spirit, I was inside my tent already weakened, due to fasting days. So at dawn in my tent, I saw two angels coming. My God, how beautiful they are. I always had difficulty seeing the faces of angels. They pulled me up from the tent, it was so beautiful. Glory to God!

I looked and I saw that the angels of the Lord had black hair, straight, very well arranged. Their faces were like gold. They were amazingly beautiful. Gloria Deus!

So when we had left the tent, we floated up to the heavens, and from heaven, I found many other angels gathered because of me. They were waiting for me there. And then as soon as we arrived, they started saying to me, “Congratulations!”

It seemed that rain of lightning with fire, rain of light fell on my face. I thought it was of all colors. It was like God was throwing me a birthday party. They sang and glorified God for me. I was embarrassed, but my face radiated with uncontrollable joy. I was very happy. They were very happy.

Oh, my God, as I’m writing this, I’m in tears and crying. I heard the voice of God saying, “Flavian, you are doing a great job, keep it up. Don’t give up on this path.”

But I still feel like I haven’t done anything. I’m praying to God to see my house in heaven as it is. I want to have a house in heaven where the heroes of faith are. I know it’s not easy, but I’ll make it. My only ambition is for the things of the heavens. I am not attracted or in need of the things of the earth. Even with nothing, even without riches, even without money, I will not leave. We will leave it all behind. I want to meet my beloved fiance, Jesus. Thank you Jesus for this gift. Glory, honor, praise, love and majesty to the Lord.

2 Timothy 4:6-8  For I am already being poured out and the time of my release is here. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith. Now there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give me at that Day; and not to me only, but also to all those who love His appearing. 

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