How satan Stops Our Prayers. COMBAT IN THE HEAVENLY REALM

How satan Stops Our Prayers. COMBAT IN THE HEAVENLY REALM MP3 (Human Voice)            PDF   DOC by John Mulinde,  Obsteig (Austria) Nov.  2000    Full Version Spanish  French German THAI Indonesian Malasian  Arabic Chinese Traditional Simplified  Vietnamese  Slovak  Japanese  Malagasy  Romanian  Italian  Portuguese  Amharic MP4   Low I would like to share with you part of a testimony of a saved person who […]

CHURCHES DUE TO BE CLOSED By Sister Toun Praise Olujuwon

“I know thy works, and thy labour….I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love” – Rev. 2:2-4             I was visited by the Lord Jesus Christ who was accompanied by some […]