Candace Cameron Bure on Keeping Christ in Christmas, Celebrating ‘God in Our Lives’

Actress Candace Cameron Bure’s decades-long Hollywood career recently entered a new era, with the “Full House” star taking on a special role at a new faith and family-friendly TV network. Bure, the new chief content officer at Great American Family, told CBN’s Faithwire she’s elated for this new season, one during which she’ll create content both in front of — and behind — the camera. “It’s been a really, really great transition in terms of things that I’ve been working really hard towards my entire career,” she said. “I’m very happy to be in this position.” It’s also no secret Bure — the longtime face of the Hallmark Channel before her recent departure — “loves Christmas.” And that affinity is something she can fully live out in her new position. She starred in an original movie this month titled “A Christmas … Present,” a film that’s a bit different from most of her past projects. “The biggest theme that is most important to me in this film is the theme of God in our lives and the Christian faith,” she said. “This is a Christmas movie that actually talks about Christ. And that’s another major theme that I have that I’ve never been able to talk about at length in my Christmas films.” Watch her discuss her career and the powerful shifts in content underway at Great American Family.

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