Part 1
At the age of 7, I was already expressing my great ambitions to my parents. One day I will be rich, I will be successful, I will be on television. This wish has been fulfilled.
I started with a first pact in the city of Foz de Iguaçu, where I was involved in several branches of witchcraft and voodoo. Then I was sent to several cities for learning and development. My ambition was to get to know the masters and high ranking officers in the occult. This happened in Salvador.
I was under the authority of a lady, a tutor responsible for guiding my learning, a great witch who told me that I had to go through several phases and several trials warning me that it was essential to be courageous during the rituals I was going to undergo.
“If you don’t think you can make it, tell us right away, we’ll cancel everything.”
“I will get there, I have goals.”
“What is your main goal?”
“I want to reach the top, I want to be prominent in my field, I want to work on television, with famous people.”
I was tied. A spirit has possessed this woman. She smashed a bottle, grabbed a shard, then cut my ribs open, and put a silver marble in me. She then opened my left arm to insert a cross-shaped object into it. Then she grabbed a large needle and sewed me up without anesthesia. I was scared, I was in pain, I thought she would open up other parts of my body. I screamed.
“Don’t do that, don’t do that, I didn’t expect this, don’t cut me anymore, for God’s sake!”
A man present during the ritual quickly left, then he returned with a plant called, Sword of Saint George (Translation, Sansevieria trifasciata). He beat me until the plant totally broke.
While he was beating me he said to me, “You will never call on God again, henceforth your God is the spirits!”
Meanwhile, at that time, my father, a Christian, prayed for me, “My God, take my son out of there, take him out of witchcraft.”
27 years later, Jesus freed me from the witchcraft into which I got involved.
Let’s go back to my beginnings in witchcraft. After this first pact, I was taken to a house where I was tattooed on a large part of my body, my chest, my back, my legs. They tattooed images of dragons and snakes on my body. They tattooed me on the back, an upside-down figure, a woman’s figure depicting the Virgin Mary. She was as they told me, my protector.
After this first pact, I received various recommendations. For example, I no longer was allowed to wash with water. I haven’t bathed for 19 years, at least not like a normal human being, that is, with soap and water. I also was forbidden to cut my hair, brush my teeth, cut my nails, or cut my beard.
Regarding my diet I was only entitled to red and raw meat and strong alcohol (40°).
For 19 years, I was only allowed raw meat and absolutely nothing else. I was very skinny at that time. Before embarking on this black magic, I did not know what was really awaiting me. I was young and naive.
I asked them why my habits had to change so much, they replied that I had been designated for a special mission.
One day my father was in town, he wanted me to accompany him to a place. Normally, no one can sit in the front seat of my vehicle. This place belongs to my protector, my protective spirit. If anyone ventured there, he would experience misfortune.
When my father approached the vehicle I hastened to open one of the rear doors, but he replied, “Why do you want me to sit in the back? Are we waiting for someone else?”
I didn’t dare tell him that it was the place of a spirit. I expected the spirit to manifest violently. When my father got into the front of the vehicle, I couldn’t see the spirit. I wondered where he could have gone. When I got into the vehicle in turn, I saw the spirit outside. He couldn’t be in the company of a Christian, he was powerless.
When I have completed all the initiation rituals, a higher spirit asked me to go to Africa to receive special training. After that, I received the ability to break couples. I have become a sort of marabout breaker of couples. Upon my return, I had become very famous among those who seek to break up marriages and couples. At one time, for example, I managed to break 69 couples in 30 days. I mastered the mystical techniques of separation. With only 5 sentences, 5 formulas, I could separate a couple by appealing to 3 different spirits.
I must tell you that I have never been able to separate a couple who were practicing Christians. Those who pray together are protected. I couldn’t, I had no control over them.
I remember that before I left Africa, an Orisha spirit spoke to me and warned me that I could undo as many pairs as I would be asked to break but that would be difficult for me to break couples who were practicing Christians.
I did not conceive of this possibility, I did not know that a force greater than ours could exist since I had asked from the start to be one of the greatest.
As soon as I returned to Salvador, I asked my tutor who they were who were not afraid of us, our spirits and our guides. I thought we were the strongest. I did not understand.
She replied that the only ones they really have trouble with are Christians who get protection because of their prayers. We cannot do anything against them, and this is the only category of people that poses a problem for us, but they are very few, for everything else we have free access. She told me not to waste my time with them. When I discover that the couple to be broken up is a practicing Christian, I shouldn’t waste my time.
I was able to realize later, that most of these Christians have the odd appearance, people who one can believe to be a little silly, too simple, or even quirky. They are quirky in the way they speak, the way they dress, and even the way they walk.
You know today when you come across individuals, they are usually very fashionable, proud-looking, with outstretched necks and a lot of pretenses, whereas these Christians are not. They are so simple that they

live on the fringes of society. The kind of person you want to slap for no reason. I despised them all the more.

I regarded them with all the more contempt since I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t do anything against these silly looking people.
She said to me, “They only have an idiotic appearance, but do not dare to touch them. Their Avenger is terrible, they are protected by God.”
I’m going to give you a revelation. When somebody brings us a picture or a piece of clothing of a Christian, we feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit right away and we can’t go any further. I gradually learned to recognize them and to let them go. We have like a barrier that prevented us from locating the person, nor have access to the person in any form.
On the other hand, I have known Christians who are totally accessible and fearful. They were afraid of us and we had a hold on them.
But the other category of Christians is dangerous. They use the power and the authority of Christ over us, the dark forces, the agents of Satan. They are called “feet back” because they pray very often on their knees.
Let me tell you, when you have hurt these Christians, whether mystically, or in everyday life, they do not get angry, they do not come to ask you to account or create a public scandal. They remain calm with you, but they will kneel before their God.
What is happening is exactly as the Bible says, they are heaping hot coals on the heads of their enemies.
Proverbs 25:21-22 If your enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink: 22 For you shall heap coals of fire on his head and the LORD shall reward you.
Romans 12:20 Therefore, if your enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirsts, give him drink: for in so doing you shall heap coals of fire on his head.
The lady adds again, “If you do something bad to these Christians, they will not come and fight with you, they will do the “prayer.” These are the ones we must flee. When they pray, it has the effect of a burning fire on us. They destroy our work to the point where we have to relocate.”
When she painted me a portrait of those I must avoid at all costs, I understood that they had to be feared.
She replied, “It is not them that must be feared, but it is the One who walks with them, Jesus.”
Later with more power, I feared some Christians, because now I could see the angels. They are giants!
Sometimes you see a Christian walking alone in the street and you try to approach him mystically. In a few seconds, giant angels appear, you take off with your tail between your legs like lightning. Having seen it with my own eyes, I can assure you that God is faithful, you who fear and keep the commandments of God, no occult force can reach you.
Psalm 34:7 The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, and he delivers them.
2 Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.
A human can come and physically strike one of these Christians, but in spirit, this is not possible, no occult force has power over them, nor approach them. They are totally protected from this occultic world, but I repeat, they are so few that it is almost rare to be confronted with this type of Christians. For others, the powers of darkness act day and night by the thousands on a single individual.
One day in the street, a young man was evangelizing. He passed near my guardian’s house and handed me a Christian tract, which I mechanically grabbed through the barrier.
The lady saw him and recognized him as a Christian. She started screaming, asking the young man to get out. She did not see any divine protection around the young man earlier. Angels do not show themselves automatically, which many times deceived us.
The lady believed him to be one of those accessible Christians as is the case with the vast majority.
She told us, “You will see, I am going to do a ritual. In 7 minutes this young person will come back, he will kneel in front of us and ask us for forgiveness.”
The young man never returned, the spell that the lady cast never reached him. She was ashamed and angry. A few minutes later, in her room, a fire erupted from we-do-not-know-from-where. A few images and statues were consumed in the fire. We rushed to put the fire off and save the ritual material.
She said to me, “You see, this young man has just prayed over us. It is his prayer that burned our objects.”
I was taking note.

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