The archenemy of God and humanity plans to vaccinate the world population through the Unus Mundus (Latin for “one world”) agreement, in order to strengthen his dictatorial power. Our former president signed the Unus Mundus agreement, giving the World Health Organization power to bring all kind of vaccines to countries to cause deaths.

In September 2019 Brother Bebby, a Satanist who converted to Christ in the very year, revealed the most recent plan of Satan for the world, which is to release sicknesses through vaccines from the infernal world.

Since the pandemic has been hitting the world we have seen countries such as Italy, Spain, and France with a great number of deaths.

Let me inform you that according to the plan of Satan every country of the world must contribute blood to Satan’s blood bank. Every country must fill his cup with blood.

Even if Africa lagged behind in terms of the number of deaths, the African countries will have to fill their cup with blood like the European countries. The devil expects every country to contribute human blood for his global tank to be filled. It is only the Church of Jesus in these countries that can stem the number of these deaths.

When Brother Bebby talked about this pandemic, he was warning us to prepare but we were asleep. Now the pandemic is already hitting the world, he is revealing how to fight the medical strategy of the devil. Brother Bebby came to the Lord in 2019 but no one gave attention to what he was saying.

I am Brother Bebby. I was initiated in satanism when I attended a church in the town, which was actually a church of Satan. One day during the service in the evening the devil revealed himself to the congregation and I saw with my own eyes the powerful army of Satan the enemy of God.

I saw fallen angels, titans, and Olympians and I saw the giants. They were breathtaking and before them was the prince of this world, the devil.

Brother, every single country of the world contribute a quantity of blood to Satan. The elite makes sure that they reach the quantity of blood to be supplied to the world of Satan.

In order to maximize his action, the devil gave instructions against the Church of Jesus, his enemy. Thus when the pandemic hit the world, the devil decided to stop God’s children from assembling. There are God’s children that would pray longer only in their congregation. However, since the arrival of this sickness, the devil has stopped the churches from gathering and this is precisely what will happen in the great tribulation.

God’s children don’t see the conspiracy and plot behind the decision to lock down cities and social distancing. It is the Church that is targeted and weakened. Nothing happens in the physical world unless it happened first in the spirit world. In the spirit world, the Church was already weakened to such an extent that the dark world was able to exert dominance on the churches and force them to shut down their meetings.

Every continent will fill its cup and reach the requested quantity of blood, so that the global cup will be filled with blood. The devil knows what God had placed in the men’s system.

Beloved, we were traveling to Europe to visit different cemeteries to get human bones and skulls for the production of vaccines that the World Health Organization uses to administer to the world population.

The collection of these skulls was done with the assistance of the presidents and the elites of these countries. Even the medication dipyrone is made through human bones. [Dipyrone or metamizole, is a painkiller, spasm reliever and fever reliever that also has anti-inflammatory effects. It is most commonly given by mouth or by injection. Although it is available over-the-counter in some countries, it is prescription or banned in other countries, due to its potential for adverse events, including agranulocytosis, a condition affecting blood circulation.]

Once these human bones and skulls were collected, they were taken to a huge laboratory of the devil. Although I am not a doctor, nonetheless, the angel of Satan in charge of health and medical science was entering our bodies, giving us medical knowledge and skill. All this was done in the huge laboratory of the World Health Organization and the World Health Organization was delivering these bags of vaccine to African doctors and innocent professionals.

2019 was supposed to be the year of the implementation of the Unus Mundus agreement. This agreement is done with the intent of vaccinating the world population. That is why the virus began in 2019.

Brother, I went to attend a world meeting in Russia, where I saw our present President Félix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo and chief doctor that is fighting Ebola in our country.

I was stunned. It was made known to me that they came here for blood. In fact, our country was to supply the devil with blood every year through the war.

But since the president had signed a new contract to end the war, a new agreement was signed to supply the devil with human sacrifices through sickness, epidemic, and vaccines. The devil was to get blood in our country from deadly sicknesses released by vaccines.

Indeed when you look at the evolution of the war in the country, you will see that the war is ending, but the country is faced with Ebola, measles, and now coronavirus. The war was decided in the spirit world.

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We were in this meeting with leaders when I saw a white man who came and began to address the audience. He said, “Everything is ok. The meeting is going well.” He said to our leaders, “The president and the doctor will sign the agreement. More partners will come to sign the agreement with the president.”

I saw that there were representatives of 5 demonic sects of the world that the devil uses in order to rule the world. The plan of world vaccination was discussed for it was the principal thing. A new program of world vaccination was given to leaders and was supposed to be placed side by side with the existing medical logo, for they represented the world strategy of the devil through the medical program.

I remember at that time the people in the country were praying intensely against sickness. They prayed in stadiums and football fields. They were opposing sicknesses. As a result, the devil strategy in the hospitals was aborted. When the devil saw that his medical program was canceled and aborted by the prayers of God’s children, he came up with a new way of killing to compensate for the aborted health program.

Brother, in the world of Satanists, the vaccine is called a harvest and the devil is expecting to harvest souls. The devil agents in the World Health Organization are spending millions on planning and organizing vaccination. This organization has branches that deal with women, children, and senior citizens. They have been given donations.

Beloved, we got to be careful with hospitals. We must always ask the doctor the purpose of any medication he is administering and we should pray before receiving any medication.

There came a time we were supposed to attend a meeting with leaders of our country and participants from foreign countries.

In 2002 I was supposed to attend a summit in central Africa, which was supposed to be attended by political leaders of many countries of the subregion. The meeting was held in the parliament of Zambia late in the night. On that day we did not travel to Zambia physically for it was a spiritual journey. We had visas from the spiritual world and on that day a spiritual plane landed at the national airport and we embarked on Zambia.

I saw that we landed in the national airport of Zambia and I saw many planes and people in the airport but these people could neither see our plane nor us for we were invisible, but we were able to see them. The Zambian authority and the protocol service were expecting us for we were among the many delegations of the world. They came with spiritual cars and we were taken to the place of the meeting.

When we arrived in the meeting hall in Zambia, our invisible bodies returned to our visible physical bodies. I saw that they were projecting images in the meeting hall. This was precisely like a physical world summit. It was my first conference out of the country.

The speaker addressed the audience. This summit was well recognized. It is a preliminary summit in anticipation of the meeting that is to be held in the Congo.

“Fear not,” the speaker said, “You are welcome ministers from Congo government. We know you are new adepts. You have just begun to wear the omitawa.”

The omitawa is the symbol that people wear on their suits. It can be a little fire burning, a palm leaf or tree, and so on.

The speaker said to my leaders, “The meeting to be held in your country will be led by the late President Mobutu Sese Seko, for he is the one who signed the pact, to get your country to join this order.”

The speaker said, “For the Congo to join this organization, your deceased leader has to offer human blood and sacrifice and sign a covenant with us. Therefore when the meeting is held in the Congo, the late president will address the audience.”

Brother in this Luciferian gathering, I learned that in order to affirm and strengthen his power our late president made a blood pact, in order to authorize the entry of epidemic and sickness through

the vaccination program. People died by injection of vaccines so that his power will be strengthened. Back then in the 80s, people died because of sickness that arrived in the country.

In this satanic meeting I learned that my country was shortlisted for a program called, “Health Care For All Project 2000.” This is actually the Unus Mundus agreement. This happened when the president had signed the blood pact.

The speaker continued to address the audience and said, “This conference has been held in many countries. The deceased president will join us in the meeting to be held in Congo in order to implement the agreement of the Unus Mundus Health Care For All Project 2000.”

The execution of Health Care For All Project 2000 meant the creation of countless organizations of vaccination of planning that have emerged to destroy children from 0 to 6, adults and seniors.

Our late president had signed to join the project 2000 agreement which is all about world vaccination that is to be administered to the world population. In this meeting, it was decided to proliferate organizations that will carry out the medical strategy of the devil through vaccination planning.

In this meeting the devil said, “Going to hospitals to kill and causing traffic accidents are not enough. The global vaccination program is the key and we need universal healthcare access. The world population must be covered in a global health structure where they shall be vaccinated.”


This is a meeting attended by African presidents in Zambia where the Russian agreement was to be implemented. In this meeting virus were to be released and the world vaccines were to be administrated to the dwellers of the world.

Brother, the African leaders have already agreed and signed the agreement in the spirit world. There is no way we can ask them to reverse their decision. The church has to pray.

There was 3 strategies that were agreed in Zambia about the Unus Mundus agreement.

The first strategy was to vaccinate children from 0 to 7 in Africa. This was a point in the agreement of Unus Mundus that was to be applied in Africa.

In this Luciferian meeting, the audience had examined molecules and serums that were to be given to children. It is thanks to serums, molecules, and injections that children’s stars were revealed so that we would be able to locate and to capture them during vaccination. These vaccines were supposed to shorten the life of children.

Often when the children’s blood resisted the serum and injection, there would be skin reactions like inflammation. The injection will be evacuated through pee or another way. As a result of these medical strategies, people died in 2006 in this medical program of vaccines and injection.

In this meeting it was stressed that Africa was the place to test and use these vaccines. In 2008 another program was launched. This was called tuberculosis. It happened with the participation of the President of America and the boss of the company called Tabac. This company is a global multinational firm that designs cigars and cigarettes.

He is a Satanist and he was supposed to attend the conference of the launch of tuberculosis. He was instructed to design new cigars whose smoke contains molecules of tuberculosis and anyone breathing the smoke of his new cigars and cigarettes would be infected. Many women in our

country suffer from tuberculosis of muscle and when you are contaminated you become a pathogen agent distributing the sickness. Thus tuberculosis was moving and spreading in cigar smoke that was controlled by the dark world

In that year 85 percent of death was from tuberculosis. It was a good score for the devil.

Then another meeting was convened in order to review and report the progress of tuberculosis. When this Luciferian meeting was held in our country in the national parliament, all the presidents of central Africa were present, including President Joseph Kabila Kabange who served as President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo between January 2001 and January 2019.

Brother, this meeting was attended by the living and the dead. I saw the moderator introducing leaders to the audience and I noted the presence of President Kabila. Then I saw appearing the late President Mobutu who appeared in the meeting. I was stunned for this man has been dead for many years. He was leading the meeting and addressing the audience from all over the world and African presidents of the subregion.

He said to President Kabila, “This is a pact that I signed in order to dominate in this country. I had to introduce the vaccination program so that my rule will be affirmed. It is through vaccination programs that many of my citizens got sick and died. These sacrifices were needed to affirm my regime. It is true that I am dead. However, I am living with you and I am still ruling the country.”

When Mobutu was speaking in this meeting, I had a nostalgic moment and remembered all his speeches on television for I was stunned.

The late president said, “When I speak not even a fly move.”

Brother, even the presently elected president of Congo was there in this meeting following the speech of the late president. Then I saw the health minister and the national doctor who manages the health of the country. They rose in the meeting. The doctor was asked to present his national planning for he was the one in charge of national health.

Actually this doctor is a member of the church of Satan where I attended in the past. He receives light from the demon-god Su so that his medical skill would be amplified and so that he will excel in the medical field.

He stood up and presented his project which consist of eradicating Ebola and assisting in the creation of a new vaccine.

This doctor is venerated in the country because in his research he has discovered a molecule that is able to destroy Ebola. He was treating people with his intelligence and that of the demon-god Su. In 2006 he became like a minister and whatever he said the government did, whenever a sickness appears, he was there.

I want to tell you that Ebola is a sickness that was designed in the world of Satan. Whenever a sickness appears, when you pray, the Lord will tell you the truth for some of them are liars and you should not rush to get your child to be vaccinated.

We were killing children through vaccines and we were also stealing their stars. Thus every time an epidemic appeared in the country the late president allow the introduction of foreign vaccines in the country and the president became popular while the people in the country suffers the consequence of these vaccines.

In this meeting I saw that sickness in the spirit was a symbol of a cup. The former president took a cup of blood and drank it. Then he gave the cup of blood to the current President Kabila and other officials.


In that meeting, President Mobutu gave President Kabila a scepter, telling him, “Go and rule and make sure that our national cup of blood is full every year. It must be lifted up here and the surrounded countries.”

In that year it was Ebola and measles that killed people and we have been able to get children’s stars that we were supposed to sell.

The next big thing was the arrival of health for all. They are always summits that world leaders attend and the purpose of these world summits is to kill us humans. We are like chicken for them and they set the number of humans to be killed and they have the logistics to carry out their mischief.

I continued to attend the conferences and leaders summit around the world. The country was hit by various epidemics like measles and Ebola.

As the late President Mobutu was leading the meeting, he instructed us to go get the soul of our assassinated leader Laurent Kabila. Laurent Kabila served as the third President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo from May 17, 1997, when he overthrew Mobutu Sese Seko, until his assassination by one of his bodyguards on January 16, 2001.

Quickly we went to the mortuary and we invoked the spirit of the late president who was assassinated. As a result, he showed up exactly the way he was when he was assassinated and then he complained and asked why we were bothering him. Since he refused to come with us there was a battle with him. This assassinated leader was in Indian magic.

While we were in an altercation, the Indian spirit showed up to defend him. We explained to them that there is a meeting of the government in relation to healthcare for all that he wanted to be part of. Therefore he is supposed to attend this meeting about the universal health care for all.

The spirit from Indian magic agreed to let us take him and they gave us a bottle where we put his spirit. When we went back to the meeting place, the assassinated president said to his son Joseph Kabila who succeeded him as president, “When I died I was stuck in the mortuary. Instead of letting my spirit to go to rest, I was planning to come back in the physical world to take my revenge against you.”

When all the spirits came from all over the world in this summit in Congo, I saw musicians.

In this meeting the late President Mobutu said, “You all will do what I said. The people of this country will suffer,”

Then I saw him pulling out a money note we used to call gorilla, that came out in the era of economic decay.

He said to the audience, “I persecuted the people of this country through this money note. You gonna take it and use it in a different shape in order to make them suffer.”

Then he gave the money note that the bank was supposed to release in the circulation.

He said, “This money will cause pain. It is a money of blood. Take it and use it.”

This money note came from the enemy. It was multiplied with human blood and released in the circulation. This money has caused so much trouble in the country. It was blood money. In the future, the devil is preparing money that will be universal. This money was to cause poverty in family and sickness,

The former President Laurent Kabila was handed the power behind the money note to cause trouble in the country.

The late President Mobutu said, “Joseph Kabila, since you took power by killing him (Laurent Kabila), you gonna serve him and support because you are using his power.”

Then an agreement between the 2 presidents was signed, in which Joseph Kabila accepted.

His father Laurent Kabila said, “I will work with him but he must agree to take care of my family.”

The President gave the audience a cup and said, “Take this cup and drink it. I give you this year to maximize your activity. I want to see this country more chaotic than I left it. Laurent, I leave the country in your hand in your mandate. I want to see things I never saw before. You got power so transmit light.”

Many sites were chosen to cause distraction. I was asked to choose bars where I did my operations. Then Laurent opened the gates of the country to the god of Niger which is the god of the sun and the sea mermaid. This was done through a man of God who introduced Nigerian movies in the country and quoting the name of Jesus but it is a Jesus of blue eyes and the Jesus of the sea and of the sun.


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