Brother, I was born into a Christian family. My father and mother were Christians. And they taught us about God when we were still very young. But the issue with me is that I never appreciated the importance of God since childhood. I was never interested in God or religion. And since young people in my area was in music and fashion, this became my way of life.


Over time the devil drew me to the world. I ended up in worldly music. Given that I was never interested in Jesus Christ since my childhood, I nicknamed myself, “Son of Satan.”


I remember back then I really considered joining the occult in the later years of my life. At that time, people were calling me the son of Satan, which was my name in worldly music.


And then I met a friend who was a DJ. When he had a breakthrough in world music, we joined him in a local bar for celebration. On that day when I joined him and friends who were there, we were in the bar hearing music of the late Congo celebrity Frank Luamba. I like his songs so much that I was paying the barman to repeat the song.


On that day we drank and we got drunk. Most of my friends continued to drink while I was slumbering. Suddenly, I saw a Man in space coming down towards me at great speed. He was really beaming great light. The Man stood in space and He was watching me.


Immediately He called me by my name and said, “Aston, this is not your life, for you are a Christian.”


I thought I was just slumbering and this was a dream. I opened my eyes and I shook my head. When I look again, I saw the Man standing in space.


He called my name again for the second time and said, “Aston, this is not your life. You are a Christian.”


I said to him, “I cannot be a Christian and I will not serve Jesus.”


My friend in the bar heard me talking to a person they could not see. They thought I was drunk.


This shining Man was insisting that I am a Christian. But I was categorical.


I said, “I will not serve Jesus.”


In the end, He raised his voice that was powerful. Quickly, I decided to leave the bar. In truth, it was my mother who was a believer and she was interceding, fighting spiritual warfare for my soul and


sowing numerous seeds so that I will convert and come to God. That is why the Lord Himself came to me in a bar.


Actually, my mother was told in a prophecy that I will serve the Lord. In this prophecy, the Lord warned my mother and said, “If your child ever resort to occultism, he will go mad because he is chosen.”


Often when we were doing rehearsal, my mother would come in the place and kneel and she would declare to me, “Aston, you will serve the Lord. This is not your life.”


I remember every time we went to the studio to record worldly music. As soon as we entered the studio, I was losing my voice and I could not sing. Actually, my mother was telling me, “You will not sing worldly music and your voice will never be heard in worldly music.” This happened every time we went to record music in the studio. I was losing my voice.


My mother really fought spiritual warfare for me. She cried for my soul and battled for me in prayer. On that day after leaving the bar, I went back home and I began to say to God, “Look, I am a musician. There is no way I am leaving worldly music and I am also in fashion extravaganza. I will go to church as You are asking me, but I will not leave worldly music and fashion.”


I tried to be honest, for this was a serious prayer.


My mother said, “Whatever, wherever you are praying, it is fine with the Lord.”


My mother used to say, “Aston, you will never sing for the devil. No one will hear your voice in worldly music.”


After the appearance of the Lord in the bar, I became a believer and I joined a church where I was baptized. I receive the foundation and teaching of doctrine until I was ordained as a prophet.


My pastor kept insisting that I should start my own ministry according to the vision the Lord gave him. But I was hesitant because I was too young. In the end, I left the church. I was considering my options.


It was then I felt sick. During this sickness, I began to have angelic manifestations. Angels were visiting me regularly while I was laying sick and I endured for two years. People began to call me the suffering Prophet, because of my health situation. I was laying sick and stuck in bed.


One day the Lord Jesus Christ appeared in my room where I was lying down. On that day when the Lord came, He was dressed in white garment and He had golden sandals. He sat on my bed by my side. I saw that He was holding a book called the Knowledge of God, and He was wearing a crown upon which it was written, “King of Kings.” There were countless stars on that crown. There was also a crown of thorns on His head, which was injuring His head and blood was dripping. He wore a belt on the neck, where it was written, “Jesus Christ.”


The Lord Jesus was beaming great light like projector. When He was talking to me, I was just seeing a great light. And inside the light was a Man who was shining like the star of heaven. He was light.


The Lord Jesus looked like in Revelation 1:14-16 His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15 And his feet like to fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. 16 And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shines in his strength.


The Lord told me, “The time has come, you must rise up for you have work to do.”


When the Lord appeared He placed the little book on my heart and said, “The time has come because your trial and training has finished and the time to work has come.”


On that day when I stood for the first time in two years, people cried for they could not believe that one day I will stand up. When this encounter ended, I was wondering how to begin in Church. Very quickly, I was convinced by the Spirit to start a series of prayer.


When I began these prayers, I was joined by numerous people, among them a lady who decided to give me a hall where the church is up to today since 2012.


Brothers, since the first appearing of the Lord in the bar, I had in me a joy in my heart to pray to Him. I was praying in 2013, in a room that a mother had offered us for prayer, when suddenly the room was filled with radiant light.


When I opened the eyes to see the light, I fell on the ground and I heard a voice that said, “Aston, I am Jesus Christ, I have to take you to a journey. Our first journey will be to Hell so that you can tell the people that are enjoying the pleasure of this world and people who are striving for the goods of this world that are perishable, that Hell is real. Those who refuse to follow My way will end up in this place of torment.”


Then this voice stopped speaking. I thought I was dreaming and I decided to stand up and to clean my face. However, when I stood up, I saw my body laying on the ground and my spirit was standing. I thought I was having a vision.


Later when I tried to touch my body, I noticed that my hand was touching empty space. I tried to touch the fan that was in this room, I saw that I was unable to touch physical things. I was scared and I said, “This is not a vision, but something is wrong.”


Quickly, I began to awake the brothers that were praying with me.


I said, “Wake up my brothers and sisters, something is happening to me.”


Quickly, I saw that they were not hearing me. I wanted to touch them to awake them. I saw that I could not touch them, for my hand was crossing them. Panic overtook me. I got out of the room.



When I saw that landlord who gave us this room for prayer, I tried to talk to her but she could not hear me. I went to the gate of the compound in order to open it and talk to the people outside. As soon as I tried to hold the gate of the compound, I saw that I went through the gate.


When I went out of the compound, I went to the neighbor in order to tell them what was happening to me, but they could not hear me. I was in panic. Now my objective was to go back home and to tell them what was happening to me.


It was when I was moving in the street that I saw people who were in the same situation like me. It was then I came to the realization that I was no longer in the world of the living. I saw these people crossing houses, trees, and physical matter. I thought I was a physical man and I was moving following the direction of the street. But these people were crossing houses, solid and material matter.


These people were complaining that their bodies were buried. I was again in fear. When I reached the bypass of the city, I saw a popular gospel singer. He was wearing shorts. He was crying and saying, “Why did you people bury my body? I have now become a wandering spirit and I have no place to go.”


I was stunned to see this singer. And I began to call him to talk to him about what I was experiencing, but he was running at great speed.




I was moving in the city when I saw the first church.


I said in my in heart, “I must get in this church so that they can pray for me.”


When I got into this church, I saw people sitting on the ground. They had chains on their hands. They were many groups seated in circles around with flags of different countries. I saw that these people were guarded by soldiers that were four meters tall. These soldiers were holding javelins and they were cold-blooded. They were keeping these souls. I tried to talk to these souls that were in bondage. I saw that they were crying.


Quickly I heard the voice of the Lord telling, “Not all churches are good. Not all churches are churches of God. There are people that are bound in chains because of the churches that they attend. Many people have their souls are captured because of the churches they attend. That is why many people are not seeing the hand of God because they are bound when they go to pray. They will always wonder and they will cry. If you stay in this church, you will be captured like these souls that you see in bondage.”


Then the Lord took me to Hell. The place was really dark and the sand was red. It was a huge place.


I could not understand this place because it does not exist on Earth.


Souls that fell in this place were saying, “What is this world? This place is not Earth and it does not exist.”


Jesus said, “The sand is red in this place because of the fire burning underneath.”


Then I saw huge crowds in a long queue. I saw these people were silent. These people died in the four corners of the Earth. They were of all races and all countries and they were supposed to watch a review of their lives and their actions so that they would be sent to various chambers of Hell. I saw people who had faces of dogs and bodies of humans. They were demons that were guarding these queue.




I was watching this queue when I noticed the Gospel singer who was wandering the Earth. He was in the queue where people were watching reviews of their lives. When his turn arrived, he stood before the throne of the Angel of Death, Nikkel.


I saw Brother Charles complaining and saying, “No, I should not be here.” He said, “I am a servant of God, I have served the Lord all these years, I should not be here.” Brother Charles was really putting up a protest.


I saw that God’s children who were in this queue before the Angel of Death, Nikkel behaved like they should not be here. They were boasting and saying, “We are good children, we should never be here.”


These believers could not accept that they fell in Hell. They spent years of their lives going to church and serving the Lord. However, I saw that flying demons that were moving in this place were mocking and laughing at them.


I saw our singer Brother Charles saying to the Angel of Death, Nikkel, “I would not accept this. I have served the Lord and I sang for Him for many years. It is impossible. I cannot be here. I must leave this place.”


The demon that was laughing at him replied and said to him, “If you had really serve God, you would not fall in this place. The people that are falling here are people that have failed to obey God. They followed the example of our master by refusing the way of their Creator and God. These are the people who come here.”


As Brother Charles had protested, his life was projected on the screen. I watched the life review of Brother Charles and I saw the secret and evil deeds he committed that brought him to Hell. I cannot say openly the sin that, brought him to Hell. However, the journalist is insisting that I should be talking about the evil deeds that led Brother Charles to Hell.


Beloved, the Bible says you shall not worship other gods but the Lord.


Brother Charles was the leading Christian singer in our country. Yet, when I was watching the movie of his life, I saw a scene at the beginning of his career when he was about to start his musical career. He went to consult a mystic in order to be famous and to excel in the industry. It was a shock to see a Gospel artist resorting to occultism to become famous.


Brother Charles was successful in his career and people liked him a lot. No one in the evangelical population could imagine that he had resorted to occultism to have success. Brother, this is terrible. We have here a case of a servant of God that has resorted to mysticism to have success.


Yet the Lord is more than willing to give His servant the anointing to excel and to make him succeed. Everything you are looking in this life, the Lord can give it to you. The Bible says elevation comes from the Lord.


“For not from the east nor from the west nor from the south come promotion and lifting up. But God is the Judge! He puts down one and lifts up another.” (Psalm 75:6–7, AMP)


What is grave and dangerous is that all the success that Brother Charles had in the world came from the enemy. God’s children have his albums. God’s children still hear his songs for he was really intense. By listening to his songs, they are inviting demons.


Since Brother Charles was popular, many sisters sought his help in their careers. Actually, I watched on the screen scenes of Brother Charles sleeping with singers and married women who sought breakthroughs in their careers too.


Brother Charles used his popularity to profit from sisters. He was secretly living a lifestyle of adultery. Many female singers of Congo slept with Brother Charles as they were seeking elevation.


As the life of Brother Charles was been projected on the screen, I saw a scene where he had sexual intercourse with one of his relatives. This was incest which is a sin before the Lord. In his life review, I saw that Brother Charles, who was popular in the country was going out with women who were already married. He used his popularity for sex.


If you have sex with a member of your family, you are committing incest. You must understand that you will not escape God’s judgment.


Brother Charles watched the movie of his life, how he slept with his relative and how he was sleeping with married women and how he resorted to occultism to have success in his career.


When he had finished watching the movie of his life, he was in tears. He could no longer protest and complain for the testament of existence had recorded everything he ever did. And everything was projected on the screen.


I saw that Brother Charles was still in denial. He was overwhelmed and he could not accept what was happening. As a result, the Angel of Death Nikkel ordered demons to open something that looked like a container and I saw wild black lizards coming out in great numbers. These lizards were ordered by the Angel of Death to bite him. I saw countless lizards rushing to him and they


began to bite him and devour him. He was crying and repenting, but it was too late. Afterward, he was cast into the Abyss.


When he was cast into Hell, the Lord said, “Let’s follow him so that we can see.”


When the gates of Hell opened, I noticed that this was an ancient gate. And when we entered this ancient gate, I saw that we were descending. In fact, Hell has many levels. As we were descending I saw that we were landing in a huge, massive volcano and lava where souls of men were falling. This extended sea of lava and volcano was the reception of Hell where souls were supposed to land and be taken to their respective chambers.


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