The mystery of the seven altars of prayer and fulfillment.

Brother, I have come to talk about the tribunal of answering prayers. The whole thing began when I was praying for many days in the spirit.

As I persevered in prayer, I heard a voice saying, “Brother from today understand that your prayers have been heard. The Lord has sent me so that I can take you to heaven so that you can see how prayers are answered.”

At that moment, I felt my spirit leaving my body and I saw that I was out of my body which was lying on the ground. I saw that the place I came to was enlightened by a great light. And quickly I saw that I was flying in the space. I thought I was with the Lord because I had a lot of encounters with Him. But on that day, it was not the Lord but an angelic messenger.

He said, “Brother, it is the Lord that has sent me to you.”

The angel held my hand and we began to rise in space. When we arrived in the celestial universe, I saw a black mist. Actually, these mists were rocks like mountains and there were unclean spirits deployed and posted around these rocks. Given that I saw the celestial worlds previously, I knew the difference between demons and angels.

When I saw these unclean spirits, I asked the angel of the Lord, “Who are these creatures?”

The angel said, “These are satanic spirits, the demons of the opposition who stop the prayers of God’s people from reaching heaven, and from being answered.”

And the angel said, “Aston, look carefully.”

When I looked, Behold, I saw smoke rising from the Earth and going to heaven. When this smoke reached this rock, I saw demons laughing and mocking.

The Angel of the Lord told me, “These smoke are the prayers of the saints to the Almighty.”

Yet I saw these demons mocking these prayers.

I heard them saying, “This believer who is in fornication and sin has the audacity to ask God things. His prayer will not rise forever.”

Brother, I saw that this prayer request was stopped in the celestial cosmos. On the other hand, I saw other smoke rising without opposition, for they were piercing these rocks where they were numerous demons of the opposition that were stationed there to stop prayers.

The angel said, “Now you see what happens when you pray.”

Suddenly I saw a giant demon who had broken wings. He landed in these rocks among demons. He was carrying a black vase. When he went to these rocks, I saw countless demons that were around these rocks gathering smoke, which were the prayers of the saints that were stopped from rising to upper heaven. And these demons of space were putting these smoke of prayers in the black vase that was brought by this winged demon.

I asked the angel of the Lord, “Who is this demon that has broken wings?”

The angel said, “This demon is called prayer hunter. He opposes prayer from rising to heaven. When he has blocked these smoke that are the prayers of the saints from rising, he gathers these peoples’ prayers that were stopped and he put them in his vase. He takes them to a center in space for study and examination, where demons would decode, examine and investigate the content. The purpose of this examination is to determine what God’s children are asking of God. Every prayer that is stopped in space would be examined and decoded in order to determine the content and the request that is inside.”

When they had finished studying these prayers, when they had determined what God’s children have asked in these prayers, I saw these demons of space informing demons of the Earth and transferring them information about the prayer requests of God’s people.

I saw the power of air and communication with monitoring spirits that follow and watch over God’s children. They were given information about their prayer requests.

When these demons of the Earth got information given to them by the prince of the air, they began to strategize and to set up countermeasures against the saints. These monitoring spirits set up opposition in order to block God’s children.

Brother, whenever space demons determined what you have asked God in prayer, they would inform demons that are monitoring your life. They will say to demons of the Earth and witches that are in conflict and war against you, “We have managed to capture the prayer of your enemy. We have investigated his prayer and we have found out the things that he is asking from God.”

This is how demons of the Earth and witches get information about God’s children, which enables them to attack with precision.

When the angel spoke like this, I cried. And I said, “If this is the case, it is better not to pray.”

The angel said, “All these prayers that are captured in the celestial cosmos are prayers that did not meet the conditions or principles of prayer.”

I said to the angel of God, “What are the principles of prayer?”

The Angel of the Lord told me, “For a prayer to reach the upper heaven, first and foremost, it is about the heart’s disposition.”

Proverbs 28:9 He that turns away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be an abomination.

1 Peter 3:12 For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayers:

but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil.

The angel told me, “Today God’s children are praying but their hearts are full of wickedness. You are praying to seek the approval of men rather than the approval of God. Churches have become a place of battle for positions of glory. People are seeking positions in the church. They are seeking the things of the world to prove themselves better than others.”

Matthew 6:5 And when you pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Truly I say to you, They have their reward.

The angel said, “The second principle for a prayer to rise to Heaven is offering. Your prayers are not accompanied with an offering that is why they are blocked.”

Acts 10:4 Your prayers and your alms are come up for a memorial before God.

Proverbs 28:27 He that gives to the poor shall not lack: but he that hides his eyes shall have many a curse.

Proverbs 21:13 Whoever stops his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.

“The third principle is the behavior of God’s children. The third principle is sufficient consecration of time in prayer.”

Psalms 4:3 But know that the LORD has set apart him that is godly for Himself: the LORD will hear when I call to Him.

“The fourth principle is innocence, which means you must forgive others and ask God to forgive you. When you fail to forgive those who have offended you, your prayer will be stopped.”

Mark 11:25 ‘And whenever ye may stand praying, forgive, if ye have anything against anyone, that your Father also who is in the heavens may forgive you your trespasses;

“The last principle is holiness, purity, the fear of the Lord, Bible reading. These are things that protect your prayer and cause them to pierce the heavens. The hand of the Lord is not short to act, but it is your sins.”

I asked the angel about the smoke that was rising to heaven without meeting opposition.

The angel said, “These are prayers that meet the principles of prayers. They cannot be stopped.”

“By the way, let us now follow these prayers that are rising to heaven without opposition.”

Quickly we began to follow these bright smoke that was rising to heaven. As we continued to follow these prayers, finally, we arrived before a gate where it was written, “The Tribunal of Fulfillment.”

The angel said to me, “It is in this heavenly kingdom that the fulfillment of prayer happens.”

Before the gate, there were two angels that had the shape of eagles. They had 12 keys on their claws. They kept repeating, “The Lord is alive. The Lord is alive. The Lord is alive.”

The angel that was with me told them, “It is the Lord Jesus Christ that has sent him here. He has to visit this kingdom.”

When they opened the gate, we entered this heavenly kingdom. When we entered this kingdom, I saw that there were many beautiful and stupendous buildings. I felt like I was in a tribunal of the Earth. There was an intense light in this celestial kingdom. I saw that there were 144 buildings in this city where there was an intense presence and glory of God. And I could hear a lot of noise as if people were praying.

The angel said, “It is in this place that the prayers of the saints are dealt with.”

When I looked on our left, there was a white building that has 1444 levels.

The angel said, “When your prayers arrived in heaven, they are received in this building. It is the center of the examination of prayer.”

I was blown away by this bright place of light. As I was looking at this brilliant and shining building, the angel began to explain to me the purpose of this building. And while he was talking to me, I heard the sound of the trumpet resonating throughout this heavenly kingdom.

There was a silence and then we heard a sweet voice, saying, “Prepare yourself because the trial is about to begin. May the defense party get ready.”

Then the angel said, “We have to enter and see what happens inside.”

However, I was inclined to visit these stupendous buildings and contemplate the city instead of entering.

The angel held my hand and led me to the center of the city. When we reached the center of this city, I saw a gigantic and massive white Throne. It was brightening and beaming a strong light, the

size, length, and dimension of this radiant Throne were massive. I wondered who is it that can sit on this massive Throne. It was so enormous and a strong light was generated. And inside the light, there was what seems to be an image of a Man seating.

And before the Throne, there were seven altars. Opposite to the Throne, there were angels dressed in red and white. They were seated on the side of the Throne. There were also angels dressed in white. On their vestments, it was written, “The lawyers of Christ.”

Opposite to them were dark spirits, dressed in black and seated.

The angel said to me, “Brother, this is the place where the judgment of your prayers happens. The angels at your right are the defense, the lawyers of Christ. The spirits on your left are the accusing spirits.”

“These angels that are the defense always defend God’s people. And these accusing spirits always accuse God’s people and the angels in white and red are the judges that are there to examine cases. In the end, it is the seven altars before the Lord that will be the key factors for the fulfillment of the prayer.”

Each one of these seven altars had names.

The first altar had the inscription, “The Altar of Heart Disposition and Character.”

The second altar is, “The Altar of Family.”

The third altar is, “The Altar of the Enemy.”

The fourth altar is, “The Altar of Spiritual Battle and Deliverance.”

The fifth altar is, “The Altar of the Grace of God.”

The sixth altar is, “The Altar of the Love of God.”

The seventh altar is, “The Altar of the Cross.”

It is in these seven altars that the prayers of the believers are answered.

When the trial began before the white Throne, I saw the first Angel rising with a file containing the prayer of a lady.

Brother, I cannot reveal her name and her country because my testimony would be going all over the world and I have to protect her identity and privacy.

The angel said to the One sitting on the white Throne, “These are the prayer requests of the lady.”

The angel listed all the requests of the lady.

Afterward I saw an accusing spirit rising and he began to oppose the prayer requests of this lady, saying, “We are against this woman’s prayers.”

The accusing spirit provided arguments and justification for his opposition.

He said, “This woman cannot be answered and she deserves nothing.”

Quickly the accusing spirit pulled out a disc.

The angel said, “You must understand that every time you sin on the Earth, there are accusing spirits in the spirit world watching and recording your sin. This recording will be used on the day of the trial and fulfillment of your prayer in the tribunal of prayer where they will present evidence against you.”

I saw the accusing spirit holding the disc containing the deeds and sins of the lady.

He said, “I am against the fulfillment of her prayers because she is born in a family that is subjected to laws. She was not supposed to get married but she got married. She was not supposed to have children but she has children. She is going against the laws. The witches of her street have already decided for her but she is going against their law. Even people of her quarter don’t like her. This kind of person does not deserve fulfillment. We have the recording of her actions and her sins on this disc.”

I saw this accusing spirit placing the disc on a table that was before the Throne. As a result, a TV appeared where images of this lady were projected. I saw that before praying to the Lord, this lady was quarreling with her husband.

And while she was arguing with her husband, the accusing demon said to the One sitting on the Throne, “The Bible says wives should submit to their husbands. But look at her attitude.”

I saw many accusing spirits in this place applauding these accusations.

And then another image was projected showing that the lady was in conflict with people.

“She was having rancor and bitterness with people over issues yet the Bible tells us to be at peace with everyone.”

The third images that were projected showed the woman criticizing her pastor.

The accusing spirit asked, “Is this woman worthy of the fulfillment of her prayer?”

This spirit replied to his own question and said, “No, she is not.”

Then I saw the angels of God, the defenders of God’s children rising and saying to the Lord, “You are God of Mercy, the Most Merciful Lord and the Most Compassionate God, may You have mercy on this lady.”

The angel implored the mercy and favor of the Lord for the woman.

However, I saw that the accusing spirits were upbeat for they had much evidence against the lady.

On the other hand, the angels of defense were just imploring God’s mercy. I saw the angelic judges putting the case before the One who sat on the white Throne.

They said, “The accuser has presented his evidence and the defender reacted asking for your mercy. It is now for the Throne of Judgment to determine the final verdict.”

I saw the angelic judges placing the file containing the prayer of this lady above the first altar, which was the altar of heart disposition and character. As a result, I saw black smoke rising.

The angel said to me, “This black smoke is because of the lady’s bad character. Many people’s prayers emit black smoke when placed on the altar of character because of their bad character. Their sins affect their prayers on the altar of character.”

Psalms 66:18 If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.

Proverbs 15:29 The LORD is far from the wicked: but he hears the prayer of the righteous.

When the file was placed on the second altar, which is the altar of family, there was lightning.

The angel said, “This is because the laws that govern her family are against her prayers being fulfilled.”

The angel said, “Your family may influence the fulfillment of your prayer. There are many people suffering from broken homes, broken relationships and dysfunctional families.”

1 Peter 3:7 Likewise, you husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor to the wife, as to the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.

Then the prayer of this lady was placed on the third altar of the enemy. The lady had many enemies among the witches. There was black smoke.

When the prayer was placed in the fourth altar of battle and deliverance, there was fiery light.

The angel said, “The fulfillment of this lady’s prayer will come as a result of spiritual battle and prayer of combat.”

The angel says, “When you pray and you don’t see results you must enter a spiritual warfare and deliverance prayer then you would see the result.”

2 Corinthians 10:3-4 For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: 4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

Then the lady’s prayer was placed on the altar of grace.

The angel said, “This altar is about the grace of God. What you don’t deserve, Jesus Christ can give it to you for He has died for you.”

Then I saw the angel placing this lady’s prayer on the altar of the love of God.

The angel said, “In this altar of the love of God, even a sinner can pray and receive answer for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. It is by grace that many God’s children are getting the fulfillment of their prayers.”

Psalms 86:5 For you, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy to all them that call on You.

Brother, when the prayer of this lady was placed on the last altar, which was the altar of the Cross, I saw the blood of Jesus flowing and I heard a voice coming out of the blood and saying, “It is not in vain that I have shed My blood. My daughter has suffered so much. If she has sinned, My Spirit is still there, and I still love her despite her sin. Consider, O God, the blood that I have shed.”

Hebrews 12:24 And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaks better things than that of Abel.

As the voice was speaking, I saw the One that was sitting on the Throne in the form of light. He rose from His Throne.

He said, “Now neither the evil, neither the family, neither her deeds, neither witches and neither battles can oppose the fulfillment of her prayer. I answer favorably to her prayer. I will give beyond what she has asked.”

When He said that, all the angels stood up and they clapped for the Almighty God. They glorified the Lord.

Brother, when your prayer is placed on the altar of the Cross, the blood of Christ will speak until your prayers are answered. Even if the law of the family opposes you, even if you are not perfect, even if the accuser opposes you, the Blood will intercede for you.

Hebrews 7:25 He is able also to save them to the uttermost that come to God by Him, seeing He ever lives to make intercession for them.

Brother, I saw many prayers passing before the altar of fulfillment. I saw the prayers of pastors and men of God.

The fulfillment of this lady’s prayers was given to the angel of the Lord to bring the answer to the lady.

Given that the accusing spirits had failed to stop God from answering her prayer, they were furious.

They said, “Despite our evidence and accusations, we have failed.”

I saw these demons leaving the tribunal of prayer.

The Angel of the Lord told me, “We must follow them in order to see what happens next.”

When these accusing spirits left the tribunal, I saw that they arrived in the cosmos in a dark space. Darkness in this place was powerful and unexplainable. I saw that there was a building in this dark space.

I asked the angel of the Lord, “Where are we going?”

The angel replied, “We are going to a city which is the tribunal of Satan, where Satan condemned the people of the Earth. It is a place where he prepared a strategy in order to fight prayer.”

When we arrived before the tribunal of Satan, I saw that it had the shape of a beast that was vomiting fire. The mouth of the beast was the entry to the tribunal of Satan. It was like a beast seated with his mouth opened and he was dark. Around the tribunal, there were many demons. I saw that they were drinking blood and talking.

The angel told me, “Since we are sent here by the Lord, the demons won’t be able to see us. We must rush because the audience and trial is to begin very soon.”

When we entered this tribunal, I saw numerous demons. Some of them had animal shapes. Some demons looked like wind, some looked like shadows, some looked like fire. There were countless demons. In the middle of these demons, there was a black throne. And besides the throne, there was an inverse cross with a skeleton on it. Around the throne, there were powerful demons. I had the impression we were in a massive kingdom.

The angel told me, “It is here that the devil examines and opposes the prayers of God’s people. It is here that he comes up with a method to weaken people’s prayer life. It is here that he stops prayer from rising and getting answered.”

In this gathering of demons, they were drinking human blood.

The angel said, “These are the blood of the people of the Earth that were sacrificed by witches and Satanists. Demons drink this blood in order to dominate.”

The angel said, “If a member of your family is a witch, and he ate and drank human blood, your family or your progeny will be dominated here.”

As the angel was talking, I saw a group of demons entering this demonic hall where the audience was drinking blood.

The angel told me, “These are the accusing spirits that were in the trial and the tribunal of prayer. They have come to report the result of the trial.”

But I saw that the throne of Satan was empty. There was another noticeable empty throne where the representative of Satan was supposed to sit in case the devil was absent. When these accusing demons arrived, I saw the audience doing invocation prayer in order to summon the devil. Immediately they began to sing a Catholic song to the Lady Mary.

I said to the angel of God, “Why are they singing the Catholic song about the mother of Christ?”

The angel replied, “The Virgin Mary worshiped in the Catholic Church is not the Mother of Christ but the Queen of the Coast called Mary Marguella. When the Catholics sing this song, they invite this Queen to their homes and churches. These demons are singing this song to invite the Queen of the Coast to their meeting.”

Soon this Queen was appearing among them. I saw a black Queen landing before the audience. She sat on the throne. Quickly I saw three demons bringing her three cups full of blood.

The angel said, “This is the lady that people call the Queen of the Coast. She is also known as the Queen of the Sea. She was not always a demon but she has become a demon. She is the mistress of the spirits of the Earth and the water. She was not always a spirit. In fact, she was previously a normal human. This story happened a long time ago in Nigeria and far away time in history. Her mother was a widow for her father was already dead. She used to go with her mother to the river to get water.”

“One day she went to get the water alone and she was captured by a water spirit. Yet the water was low. She was drowned by a water spirit and she was consumed. But her soul was thrown in jail for when she was drowned, the water spirits consumed her body, but her soul remained in jail for many years.

One day a water spirit saw her. Then he went to tell the king. He wanted to marry her, saying, “Give me the condition and requirement. I want to marry her.”

The king said, “She comes from the Earth. She will not stay here for long. When her time comes, she will be sent to hell.”

Since this water spirit insisted, the king accepted to give the young lady in marriage. Long after the marriage, the lady was angry that she had left her mother who was a widow alone, and the mother was also in great need. As she got used to this new world, she was investigating and asking questions in order to get more power. She was told she needed to do more sacrifices in order to have

more power. Thus she began to capture souls that came to get water in the river precisely where she was captured by a marine spirit.

She went on to kill men, women, and children up to the point where the village chief forbade the villagers to go to the river.

Since she was in search of power, she went on to sink boats in the sea and the ocean. She had killed so many people. And when she had killed more than 3000 souls, she had become so powerful that water spirits could not control her anymore.

She killed the water spirit that had married her. She killed the water spirit that had killed her on the Earth.

A water spirit that had survived her onslaught went to report to the devil and when the devil sent for her, she refused to come.

The devil himself came to her and said to her, “Now you belong to us, you shall be my servant on the Earth. I give you power, glory, and success on the Earth. You shall be worshipped in churches. A part of their prayers will be for the fortification of your kingdom.”

This Queen of the Coast is also the mistress of witchcraft.

It is in the Catholic church that her worship has been popularized. Her kingdom became rich, thanks to the stars, the destinies and life energies of the people who pray to and worship her.

All the drowning of people in accidents of ships and boats in the water also contributed to her power and progress.

She is at the center of many inventions of the Earth. I will go in-depth about her in my testimony later.

After the appearance of the Queen of the Coast, I began to see smoke on the empty throne before the audience. I heard the accusing spirits saying, “Get ready for the coming of the great master.”

Suddenly the devil appeared on the throne. I thought I would see a dark figure with horns. To my surprise, he was a young man of extreme beauty exceeding all the men of the Earth. He was a perfect beauty. When he sat on the throne, he was wearing a crown having thousands of stars, but he was furious.

He said to the audience of demons, “You all saw what the Creator has done against us. Despite all the evidence, He judged in favor of that poor creature but we must counter the fulfillment of her prayer from reaching her. We must not let her have that blessing.”

I saw the audience worshipping him.

When the devil left, I saw the Queen of the Coast rising and saying, “I want all the demons to be ready since we need more strategies. We need Satan to come back.”

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