The Lord said, “I know that the world will not believe these things. But I want the world to be aware of these things. And your words will serve as a warning to the world. Your testimony will save them that believe, and those who will come out of the way of corruption.”

We were in this section of hell for the members of the Church. The place was full of bad odor that was unbearable.

I kept saying, “Please, Lord, get me out of this place of horror, where souls were been tormented in their pits.”

Brother, it was unbearable and terrifying. I was shocked to see people that I knew on the land. When we had left the section of hell called the church of Jezebel, we continued to move in this chamber of the condemned of churches.

I saw from far people that were naked and spotted. I saw demons pushing these countless souls into a valley. They fell to the pit. I was scared and I held the Lord’s hand strongly. I knew that I would not be able to leave this horror unless the Lord intervenes. The torment was real, and hell was real.

My brother, don’t fall in this place. Your soul will be tormented days and nights. There was no rest for these souls. For their torments were continual and demons were happy to see them suffer. Countless souls were falling from this ravine, and I saw demons that were tearing them apart.

Then I saw a group of souls in a cavern and they were in chains in this cavern that was burning with fire. Very quickly, I noticed on the foreheads of these captives, something much like anointing oil, that was dripping. The Lord made me understand that this oil over their head was the false anointing that they had received from churches of false prophets and occultic preachers. They begged the Lord to save them. I noticed that their foreheads were opened and maggots were coming in and out.

The Lord said to them, “It’s too late. Sanction and judgment have fallen.”

I said, “Lord, what did they do to fall in this place?”

The Lord said, “They were attending churches that were occultic.”

But I saw these people that kept saying, “We are born again Christians. We have accepted Jesus and we were baptized.”

However, demons on the side were mocking and laughing at them, telling them, “You sold your souls to us when you attended our churches, following our teaching and receiving our anointing.”

Jesus said, “Tell My people to come out of these churches of false prophets. The devil’s principal mission is to destroy the true Christian faith, and to get people to sleep through lies.”

The Lord said, “The devil has raised an army of rebellion in order to stop the saints from entering the eternal kingdom. These rebellious men have built massive megachurches that invert the truth, in order to lead astray souls of men. These rebels are perverting the Christian faith. People attending these churches are influenced and corrupted by the power of these evil men.”

And the Lord said, “Those who are attending these churches will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. The purpose of these churches is to put out the light and fire of the believer. When you give your life to Me and you join these churches, the fire of the love of God will be put out by these rebel leaders to stop you from walking in the right path. My people are asleep in false churches.”

Then I saw a soul running away from demons in this section of hell, but there were no exit.

The Lord said, “When this soul came to Me, he decided to join a church led by a popular pastor that is well known in the city. This popular pastor made efforts to preach the truth. But as soon as this soul joined his church and began to serve Me there, his fire for Me was put out and his light was extinguished. He kept serving in that church thinking that he was serving Me.”

This church is in our country, the Congo, and one day I will reveal the names of these evil pastors. As long as the children of God remain in false churches, they are not entering the kingdom of heaven. This man was praying in this church that is located between First Street and Third Street. We all know that this pastor tried to preach sanctification and the fear of the Lord. And this soul was a member of that church. He thought he was serving God, but he was shocked that he fell in that place. He could not accept that he fell in this place. But demons were laughing at him and told him, “You were a member of one of our churches.” But this man replied to them, “That is not true. I was a member of a true church.”

My dear brother and sister, may the Lord open your spiritual understanding so that you may know where to pray and gather. Many churches belong to Freemasons, who had infiltrated many churches to pervert true Christian faith. They are fighting true faith and sound doctrine. They want to stop souls from going to heaven. These infiltrators would never preach a life of renunciation. The true biblical gospel leads to a lifestyle of repentance and renunciation. But these false churches teach futile formalities that invert and pervert true faith and sound doctrine.

I saw countless damn souls in this place with the names of their churches on their foreheads. I saw a soul in a pit with the name of TB Joshua on his forehead. He was begging the Lord to save him but demons were abusing him.

And the Lord said to him, “It’s too late.”

The Lord told me, “When people are attending satanic churches, they are stopping their souls from entering the kingdom of heaven.”

In this place, I saw souls with the mark of Satan. While the Lord was showing me these souls in torment, I saw the prince of demons assembling unclean spirits for the Great War of the last days. He told the demons, “Go to the land and transmit our knowledge to men. Tell our servants to build a big church in order to attract and lure more souls for our master wants to win more Christian souls, and we’re gonna win these souls by infiltrating their churches.”

I looked and I saw how these demons were leaving the underworld through windows of hell, and they were rising to the surface with the mission of destroying true Christian faith. They were to raise modern prophets and preachers that will preach the other gospel.

The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their actions.”

The Lord led me to a place where I saw the torment of those who worship Mary, the mother of Christ. I saw in hell a tall statue of a woman carrying a child and demons were forcing these damned souls to worship her, for she is the goddess of idolatry and worship, and she is the mother of demons.

Whenever people celebrate Christmas, Mother’s Day and Saint Valentine Day, they worship this female devil.

My dear, Mary was a woman that was favored to carry the Lord in her womb. But there is nowhere in the scripture where it is written that we should worship and pray to her. Our intercessor is the Lord Jesus Christ, the mediator. We have free access before the throne, for we don’t need the saints of the Catholic church to pray for us.

This woman worshipped in the Catholic Church is a female devil worshipped in ancient Egypt. The Lord has not established a man to be an intercessor. For us, He is the mediator. These souls that worship the Holy Virgin in the Catholic Church thought they were worshipping the mother of Christ, but in truth, they were worshipping the goddess of idolatry.

I saw demons ordering these souls to kneel down before this goddess that was carrying a child and worship her.

Then I saw a giant demon entering in the middle of the fire. He told these souls, “When you were on the land, you were worshippers of our mother. Therefore, you must continue to worship our mother here.”

The demon told these souls, “Pray for the remission of your sin.”

As these souls worshipped the mother of demons, I saw that they were plunged in fire.

The Lord said, “Tell My people to come out of ignorance.”

Exodus 20:3 You shall have no other gods before Me. 4 You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in the heavens above, on the earth below, or in the waters beneath. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on their children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me.

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