We were in this section of false religions where the suffering was intense. The fire in this section of Hell, I have never seen it on the earth. There were burning flames that were consuming everything on the way. There was lava of fire everywhere, The damned souls were all in torment and they were all seeking help.


These souls were in false religions for they refused to accept Jesus in their lives. Hell is a prison where souls are condemned forever.


On that day after visiting the chambers of false religions, I was down and hopeless in my heart because of the suffering of these lost souls. I could not accept that humanity could be subjected to this degree of suffering and atrocity. They were all crying, it was cruel. These souls were skeleton and they cried for having rejected the Lord. There was no peace, no rest, no beauty in this place. Only gnashing of teeth and cries.


On one hand, people were tormented by demons. On the other hand, people were tormented by fires of Hell that were enormous. There was unbearable pain. Men cannot bear this suffering. What I am trying to tell you, brother, are not empty words but reality.


All these souls in this section believed in false religions and they rejected Jesus. When they fell into this place, they came to the realization that they were wrong, but it was too late. They were crying in an unbearable torment. As we were leaving this chamber of Hell I heard these souls regretting.


One of them was saying, “Why have I not seized the opportunity to believe in Jesus Christ when I was on the earth? Why did I not believe in the Bible as the only Word of God?”


But it was too late for these souls.


I saw leaders of false religions saying to the Lord, “Now we believe in You, Lord, for You alone are God. Come to help us out of this place.”


Jesus said to them, “You are God on the earth and people look at you as God. Now you can save yourself.”


These leaders said, “There is only one God, the Creator of the universe. It’s You. We accept You today, please save us, save us from this place.”


Jesus kept saying, “Too late, too late, too late.”


I said, “Lord, have mercy on these souls.”



The Lord said, “I have mercy for these souls but men in their folly do not want to walk in My way. When men are on the earth, they treat Me as if I represent nothing, as if I was of no value. You must understand that after death, men will recognize that I did not shed My blood in vain for humanity.”


The Lord said these words as we were inside the flame, leaving this chamber of Hell.




When we left this chamber, we were in this dark tunnel. I saw demons entering with captives souls that were enchained. These souls were led to their respective chambers of torment. They were passing with demons. These souls were crying.


It was in this tunnel that I saw my grandfather among these captive souls. I was shocked to see my grandfather that fathered my mother in this horrendous place of torment. He was among these captives. When he saw me he called me by my name.


He said, “Aston, what are you doing here? You should not be here. Go back.”


It was the first time that someone recognized me in Hell. I was troubled.


I said, “Lord, this is my grandfather.”


I saw that he was pushed and dragged by demons. It was unbearable. I wanted to follow him in order to try to help but the light of the Lord stopped me from moving.


The Lord said, “Stay with Me for you are under My protection. It is too late for your grandfather. He chose to live his way. His deeds will follow him.”


I said, “Lord, why have you shown me a member of my family?”


The Lord replied, “I did it so that you may know that the judgment after death is severe for everybody.”


I said, “Lord, it is here that these visits must end. I don’t want to see these things anymore.”


The Lord said, “You will continue your mission.”


I was in tears seeing how demons were pushing my grandfather. When I began to testify, I kept this detail a secret. But over time, I came to understand the true family is God’s children who keep the Word of the Lord. I was moving with the Lord behind these captives that were dragged by the demons in this alley.




Later we got before a chamber of Hell where it was written, “The Prison Of Those Who Destroy Public Property.”


There was a thick darkness in this burning tunnel. There were impure and demonic beasts that were moving in this tunnel. There were also serpents and demons moving in this tunnel. I noticed that demons don’t rest; they are always busy and active. There was no rest for these unclean spirits serving the devil and they were furious, desperate to hurt.


I noticed that the gate of this prison was circular. The gate of the prison was reddish and rusted, and it was burning with intense fire. On top of the gate, it was written, “The Condemnation Of Those Who Had Destroyed Public Property.”


I said, “What is the meaning of this?”


The Lord replied, “The judgment of God concerned man’s relationship with his Creator and also man’s relationship with his neighbor. According to the established principle, man is supposed to protect his neighbor’s goods and public property.”


When the gate of this prison was opened, the flames sprang from this place with intensity and violence. This was unbearable. Not even a furnace heated seven times will be equal to this kind of fire. Even volcanoes and their strength will not match that fire. These flames came out of this chamber with intensity and they covered us as we entered inside the flames in that chambers. There were countless souls screaming because of pain and they were begging the Lord.


What caught my attention in this prison was a group of people that had tires on their bodies and these tires were burning them. They were inside these tires, and they were trying to remove these tires, but they were unable to do so. And these tires continue to burn them. I saw that these tires were saying, “Justice, justice.”


I said, “Lord, what have these people done to suffer like this?”


The Lord said, “These young men were burning tires on the boulevard built by the government on the road leading to a government ministry. As a result, the boulevard was destroyed when the rainy season began. The road was made fragile by the tires they were burning and it could not bear the rain. And until today, the boulevard is parted in two and it cannot be used. These young people were among the group of mobs creating insecurity in the city. As a result, the government of Congo issued a decree to round up them up and kill them in secret. As a result, they fell in this place.”


When the Lord spoke like this, I did not believe.


I said, “Lord, when a property of the state is destroyed, people should not come to this place because of that.”


The Lord said, “The world must be informed about this truth.”


When these young people saw Jesus they cried to Him for deliverance.



The Lord said, “Those who destroy public property will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.”


Beside these young boys, there was a man who said to the Lord, “Have mercy on my soul. I recognize that what I did was wrong. Give me another opportunity. Allow me to go back to Earth to tell the world to change their ways.”


The Lord said, “My son, you had the opportunity to repent on the earth.”


This man said, “Lord, the Bible never mentioned these things and I never heard a pastor talking about it.”


The Lord said, “Everything is written in My Word.”


The Lord said, “This man was renting in a compound where they had a public toilet, but every time he goes to the toilet, he would refuse to flush water, and people were complaining. And whenever he was suspected to be the person who has been doing it, he was denying categorically. People were bothered and they were complaining and wondering who is doing this. Those who suspected him was telling him, “At your age you should be flushing water after using the toilet,” and he was laughing at people. Often he was insulting people for reproaching him yet deep in his heart, he knew he was guilty. When he died, he found himself inside this place and his lower part was inside hot excrement that was burning him.”


There was a horrible smell here. Worms were biting him.


When we moved away from him, I saw a man inside a pit. I saw there were grade marks written all over his pit. It was written, “Free marks.” The man was trying to come out of his pit but he was unable. His lower part was inside the pit, but his upper part was out. I saw that there were report cards that were demanding justice. The man was asking the mercy of the Lord.


He said, “Lord have mercy on me. I was only trying to do good to people and those who have failed in their exams. I gave free marks to help them pass. Your Word said we should do good to people.”


The Lord said, “Parents have paid school fees for the education of their children, but you have failed to teach them correctly. As a result, they cannot pass the exams by themselves. They are failing in exams but you are giving them free marks that they don’t deserve. As a consequence, you have young people with good marks but empty heads. Your judgment has been decreed. It is too late for you.”


The man said, “Lord, Your Word says we should do good.”


The Lord said, “Education is sacred and intelligence is precious.”


This man kept saying, “I helped these children.”


The Lord said, “Your duty was to instruct people not to give them free marks. You have destroyed children’s education. They moved from one class to another but they did not deserve it.”


In his pit, there were reports, bulletins, and notebooks that were demanding justice.

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