Glory, honour, power, majesty and thanksgiving be to our Lord Jesus-Christ for the free gift of the salvation of my soul! By seeking an easy life, power and luxury, I fell into the snares of the Devil, and became so entangled in them that I could not turn back by my own strength. Today, thanks to the Lord’s grace and loving-kindness, I have turned toward his admirable light. What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me? (Psalm 116:12). Therefore my mouth shall not stay closed, and I will proclaim out loud His mighty works, for my “soul has escaped as a bird from the snare of the fowlers; the snare is broken and we have escaped” (Psalm 124:7). “But as it is written: eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him” (1Corinthians 2:9). Brother BAKAJIKA MUANA NKUBA




Biographical Notice


Born September 22, 1959, at a Catholic mission in MIKALAYI, in west Kasai province (Zaire), I am the fourth of a family of ten children, and I became the oldest son after our eldest brother’s death. Ten years later, in 1969, I was baptised at the parish of Saint Bruno in KANANGA, and with much zeal was brought up in the Catholic doctrine. Gentle and peaceful, I began to serve the mass at church. Our parish priest enrolled us with children our own age in a movement called “The Crusaders”. This movement had for objectives the veneration of the cross and devoted self-sacrifice towards the parish and the community. After the “Crusaders”, I moved on to the “Kiro” and to the “Scouts”, and ended up being a zealous acolyte for the service of the mass. Everyone spoke of my peaceful character in order to influence me into becoming a priest. My oldest brother died when I was in the fifth grade. This event provoked in me a strong feeling of revolt, because all the hope that my family had placed in my brother collapsed. Day by day I felt the





desire for revenge grow within me because of my brother’s death. This feeling grew much stronger as time passed. Without my parents’ knowledge, I began to consult witch doctors and practice magic to earn a living and to unmask my brother’s murderer. But all of my efforts brought me no satisfaction. Therefore I consulted a soothsayer and began to communicate with the dead while hiding in the restroom. But this did not allow me to discover the object of my search. It is in this manner that I opened up a door to the Devil who laid a trap before me. I fell into it, because the Devil had succeeded in planting inside of me one of his seeds: WORRY.


In Search of the Mysterious


From the moment I began to have contacts with the soothsayer, I began to practice deep meditations. Since I had begun at the elementary level of conversing with spirits in the restroom, I engaged myself further into the depths of Satan. Driven by an insatiable desire, I made contact with a young man who lived near my home whose name was NTUMBA DUCOUP. He invoked the river Mermaid (Mami Wata). His power enabled him to accomplish great marvels and miracles, and using his magical techniques he could produce bank notes, wristwatches, and all sorts of jewellery which he used for protection, love, business and many other matters. Although I looked into all these things and touched them with my hands, my heart was not appeased. I felt compelled to continue in my search until my thirst was quenched. I would visit him in the late hours of the night, and no one suspected me. Nevertheless there were some people who noticed, but everyone in my neighbourhood defended me because of my reserved character. During the entire time I called upon the Mermaid, my desire wasn’t satisfied, and I continued to feel emptiness within me. “Stagnant waters devour men”, a proverb says. No one could accuse me of anything, because everyone would have testified favourably for me. This is why I exhort my brothers and sisters in the Lord to always judge by the Spirit, and not after the appearance (1 Corinthians 2:10-11).


During all this time with the Mermaid, I did everything to push my enquiries further. I went as far as to knock on the doors of






renowned witch doctors in KANANGA, who were able to unleash lightning in a supernatural manner, and accomplish various marvelous works. For example, they would ask me to stand on an earthen cooking pot. The pot wouldn’t break under my weight, but would carry me around the house. However, I could never discover who had murdered my oldest brother. I withdrew from all these things when I discovered they couldn’t answer my question. But I continued to search, and this search led me ever more deeply into the depths of darkness.


A Happy Discovery


The mandate of the parish priest we had known expired. Two more Fathers succeeded him. I continued to be a diligent acolyte, and I was well understood. Then we received another priest. He was of Italian origin, and related to a Catholic priest we had had several years before. Furthermore, he was one of Pope Paul VI’s nephews. He became rapidly fascinated by my personality and became particularly interested in me. He liked to call me in order to talk with me about my life, my future plans, etc. He was a man of gigantic height, hospitable and good. But behind the imposing stature of this priest were hidden some very profound mysteries. One Sunday after the mass, he made an appointment for me to meet him at his home after 7 PM. I was delighted to be invited by our Father Priest, and did everything to be on time. I knew that our discussion would be about the parish’s activities. But things took a different turn. That evening we ate together. Then he began to speak in these terms: “Out of all the young people of the parish, I like you a lot. That’s why I’ve called you to talk to you about important matters that will help shape your goals in life. But I have noticed that your life is in danger, and that’s the reason why I called you here in order to warn you. Your big brother was murdered by nine members of your family, all of them sorcerers, and now they are relentlessly pursuing you. Consequently, I want to protect you from their schemes.” He listed their names. I was convinced of the truth of his words; for certain areas of the country were mentioned which the father didn’t know about. I eagerly stared at the priest’s tanned face. I had finally reached my goal! I was happy to discover what I was searching for, and at last I knew my brother’s murderers! But now






another problem arose: I was in mortal danger. What could I do to protect myself? That’s the question I asked the priest, after a time of reflection. He answered that it wasn’t a serious problem that he possessed all the necessary means to save me, but it was to be a matter of discretion. I swore to him my faithfulness and discretion. That very evening, he gave me a little 10 by 6 cm cardboard image which represented a richly dressed young boy. An inscription underneath read: ‘Prayer to the child Jesus of Prague’. The other side featured a printed prayer in three sequences. I was to recite it every morning after awakening, and every evening before going to sleep, expressing the intention of being protected. This was to give me a guarantee of spiritual as well as physical protection. I accorded a very special consideration towards the priest. I saw in him a man who spoke with God. I was twelve years old when I was introduced into all of these mysteries, and in the sixth grade. Several days later, the priest told me that I could use this prayer for my studies in the following way: I was to write down the names of all the students of my class and give them a grade of my choice. Then by reciting the prayer over the list thus established, I could set the student’s grade order. When test results were given out, it was as if the teacher were reading from the paper I had written in advance. That is how I always obtained the grade level of my choice. Therefore I invite Christian parents to pray a lot for their children who go to school. Perhaps they are intelligent, but aren’t succeeding in obtaining good grades. Instead of reproaching them, pray for them, for you do not know to which diabolical power they can be submitted to. Prayer is the greatest power on earth. I rejoiced greatly in this marvelous discovery, which the priest called: the only real form of magic. When I heard him pronounce the word magic, I desired to know more because I thought that it was God who acted thus in our favour. He told me simply to let him work so that I could discover the secret of an easy life. These are the bonds I found myself entangled in. I thought it was God who gave the only real form of magic, that it was He who revealed secrets, who gave success in all human enterprises, and who did it for free, because he loved the sons of men.


The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy… (John 10:10)





I was irresistibly swept towards death without even realizing it. Everything came so easily to me, sustained in every way by God, unconditionally, without any cost or sacrifice… But it was the thief who was enticing me out of the sheepfold. His emissary was this priest who displayed every appearance of piety. The thief had taken hold of me at the revealing of the names of the sorcerers in my family. It was this very thing which had convinced me that the truth was found in this priest, this man of God, as everyone thought. Since the thief had taken hold of me and had enticed me out of the sheepfold, the consequence was that I began to experience repugnance towards the idea of God, the mass, etc. I started to go less and less to the parish. Having been brought back into the fold by some of the priest’s emissaries, I resumed my activities while waiting to be slaughtered, that is, waiting until I would reach a stage where it would no longer be possible for me to say no, or turn back, because of the innumerable revelations received, and the ease in clearing through certain obstacles of life, or the control exercised over mystical occultic forces, etc. The destruction takes place when one signs a pact with the Devil. This one then stamps his mark on the spirit and takes complete control of a man’s nature. From that moment one is bound for destruction in hell, in full awareness.


A methodical treatise of practical Magic


My master knew of my worry for gaining more and more knowledge. One day he told me that we were to move on from the elementary level to the middle one. That same day he gave me a big book entitled Methodical Treatise of Practical Magic. This was an additional window into the mystical occultic world! This book contained many formulas and prayers to solve all types of everyday life problems, to hypnotize people, to trouble man’s normal vision of things, and to accomplish certain little miracles such as: transforming sand into sugar, sheets of paper into paper money, pieces of tree leaves into razor blades, making eggs, and different other things. From time to time I would give razors to my father, who never failed to be surprised in seeing totally green razor blades, the colour of the leaves I had used. Always in this domain, I learned how to invoke different types of spirits who live on various






stars and planets. Thus the moon is inhabited by spirits whose role is to arouse love. On Jupiter there are spirits of division whose role is to give illnesses, to sow division, or to supply warrior spirits to defend their protégé. The spirits who live on the planet Mercury have the task of inducing lust, and exciting everything which pleases a man’s eye. The spirits of the sun give different illnesses notably dropsy, migraine headaches, etc.


How I manufactured paper money


I indulged in practising all of this in order to prove that I had become a man above all other men. This gave me a type of malicious pride which was very difficult to discern. I would produce paper money for myself using a duplicating paper that I would cut into the size of the bills I wanted. Then I would cover the stack with a white handkerchief, light two red candles, and recite a certain prayer. Five minutes later, I would obtain the money. However I had to spend it before sundown, whatever the amount I had made. Otherwise I risked falling ill or experiencing a momentary mental trouble.


How I was “living my life”


Now that I was opening up to the world I had “to live my life”, according to the common expression used by the young people of my generation. But it is Jesus Christ who is the Life (John 14:6). As for me, to “live my life” meant throwing myself into a life of dissipation. I used other prayers to seduce women. After having performed several magical operations, all I needed to do was to write a letter to the young woman of my choice. Whatever her past reticence might have been, she would always give in to my solicitations, because my letter had been written after having pronounced an occultic mystical invocation. On another occasion, I would also invoke one of the spirits who lived habitually on the moon, in order to captivate the spirit of a young woman. Sometimes later, without my having to do anything else, the young woman would start looking for me. She had been manipulated by the spirits I had invoked upon her, to the point where she would fall into my power.





How I got rid of my conquests


When I wanted to get rid of a young woman I had seduced, all I had to do was perform a ceremony and pronounce an invocation, in order for the woman’s passion to extinguish itself like a red hot iron in water. She could then never again pursue me. It is interesting to mention that this invocation was addressed to a spirit named Adonai, that is, one of the Lord’s names in the Bible. But that is just a counterfeit in order to seduce.


How I made my problems go away


When I was faced with a serious problem I would recite another prayer in order to calm things down. This prayer was always done at midnight. I would then see the problem diminish until it completely disappeared. If the problem had been brought before a court, I proceeded in the same manner. The very next day, all of the judges, the assistance and even my adversaries had changed their mind in my favour.


How I provoked divisions and divorces


To provoke divisions and divorces, we used spirits living on the planet Jupiter. When these spirits were sent into a home, they would provoke discord, and would push one of the spouses into becoming overtly stubborn to the point of divorce. Similarly, intimate friends could be driven to quarrel for the smallest pretext and then go on their separate ways.


How I was helped in fights


In order to have strength, I would invoke the spirits living on Jupiter. At a crucial moment, I could send 10,000 spirits of this type to fight in my place. All I needed to do was to watch what was happening with my arms crossed. But for the spectators, it was I who was doing the fighting. This is the same phenomenon that is used by certain people for boxing matches, wrestling, karate, etc. Everything that I have just described to you is just a small sample of the exercising of practical magic which I had learned in this book.






The special prayer of Saint Charlemagne


First of all, it is striking to see in this title the word “Saint”. No one ignores who was Charlemagne. He was an emperor, a man of war, who never served God in anything but who today is called “Saint”. I will use this case to demonstrate that all of those whom the world calls “saints” are in reality just demons! According to the tradition, this prayer, engraved on a stone, was to have been found by the emperor Charlemagne inside the tomb of Jesus. It supposedly gave him the victory over all of his adversaries. We used this prayer to ward off all “diabolical influences”, against fetishes, and it made us invulnerable. When a woman had labour pains, we would go to her and recite this prayer three times. The pains would be calmed until she gave birth. To heal a sick person, we would place the text at the foot of his bed and he would heal very rapidly. In order to find out if a patient was going to die or if he’d get better, we would recite the prayer while holding two bouquets of flowers in our hands. Then we would approach the patient while holding these flowers. If the patient began to laugh, it was the sign he was going to die. If he wept, it meant he was going to recover. A copy of this prayer was hung in my father’s living room, to protect the house and its occupants against any evil spell. I can recount here an event which has remained in the memory of my entire family. One day, a paternal uncle used his magical powers to make lightning strike our house, but no one was hurt. We attributed our survival to the protection the prayer had given us. One must know that in our ethnic group, certain people are capable of causing such artificial lightning to strike in order to kill people or to destroy their property.


How I saved a friend


Near the beginning of the year 1972, I had a friend with whom I shared all of my sorrows and joys, except for the secret of my occultic powers. One day, the spirits told me that this friend had had a spell cast upon him and that his death had already been decided. Since I liked him a lot, I had compassion on him and asked the spirits if there were a way to save him. Anything was possible according to them, but in order to do that it was necessary for him to live through the scene of his death, before he could be saved. I






was asked to go out with him one Saturday night, in order to return home later in the evening. That day, on the way home, we were to go through a small valley before returning to our house. While we were on the other side of the hill, we saw some people far off surrounding a corpse and weeping. We came near, noticing that this gathering was located within the valley, not at the village. Suddenly we realized that the lifeless body was Page 18 my friend’s, who was, however, alive by my side. Having seen this, he was seized with fright and turned to embrace me under the weight of emotion. At the same time, we saw on a nearby tree, an entirely naked man climbing the tree while leaning on his posterior. After careful examination, we recognized him to be the customary chief of our village. He saw we had recognized him but he did not want to let us go. He laid a trap to take our lives by means of a demon who as waiting for us nearby. Since I was in perfect communication with my spirits, I was immediately warned of the danger we were in. I asked them for immediate protection. I saw then a dwarf carrying a very big package on his head. We had just barely avoided him, for it was he who had been charged with a mission against us. His package contained the spirits of all the people who had been killed by the village sorcerers and the dwarf was their supreme chief. My friend was very frightened of all these things we had seen, and it was not possible for him to sleep by himself, so I brought him home with me. I spent the entire night talking to the spirits in order to know the final stage of my friend’s delivery. To do this I had to speak to a maternal cousin because it was he who cooked the flesh of sorcery victims. I had to ask him to give back my friend’s flesh. The next morning was a Sunday. Before going to the mass at 9 AM, I sent for this Page 19 cousin in order to have a meeting with him, but he energetically denied the truth. The spirits told me to let him go and call him back at 6 PM. to order for him to obey. Indeed, after 6 PM, all the sorcerers are in perfect communication with the spiritual world. After this conference with the demons, I went to church to serve the mass and to carry on with the youth activities, not knowing that I was no longer a child of God because of these practices (Leviticus 20:6). That evening at 6 PM, I called my cousin again, this time with a different kind of determination. I started up again our morning conversation, but my cousin still denied. So as not to lose any more time, I ordered his spirit of sorcery to fetch the





cooking pot where my friend’s flesh was prepared. This spirit left while my cousin pretended to be sleeping with his physical body. This spirit had to steal the pot, because he hadn’t been authorized to make its contents disappear. The sorcerers’ assembly was taking place at a rock quarry. When the spirit came back with the cooking pot, he let some drops of sauce fall all along the road which led to the quarry. When my cousin pretended to awake from his sleep, we saw in front of us a pot full of stew. I called the spirits, who came to give back the flesh, though already prepared, to its owner, that is, my friend. Then they carried the pot away. Several minutes later, they came back to tell me that some sauce had fallen on the road, and that anyone who would touch it would die. Finding myself somewhat responsible of the death of all the innocent people who would go to the quarry, I asked if something could be done. They promised me to remove all the sauce at 9 PM. At 9 PM, there was a strong rainfall. During that time, the spirits worked to remove the sauce. But they also removed all the adjoining earth which, according to them, was also already poisoned. Their work caused the formation of ravines, to the extent that the road has remained impracticable until this day. This explains the problems we have every day on our roads. Today we repair, but two weeks later there are still holes. The inhabitants criticize those whose responsibility is to build roads, but it’s not their fault. When magicians and sorcerers work all night long, and when they want to remove what could cause a public danger, they take away even part of the road, thereby the presence of holes…


The cemetery I achieve new heights


In the beginning of the year 1973 started for me the most serious and deep events that were to mark my life as a magician, and led me to discover the mysterious world beyond. One Sunday after the mass, the parish priest, my master of initiation, gave me a rendezvous at his home at 7 PM. Faithful to the appointment, I came on time. He received me kindly and offered dinner. Then he told me the following: “I promised to show you greater things, and to establish you in life. Are you courageous?” I answered affirmatively. Then he asked me if I would accompany him somewhere. Again I answered affirmatively. After these words, he






told me that we were going to visit the cemetery. He commanded me not to look neither right nor left, nor behind me, on the way over and back. I was to walk in front of him until the entrance of the cemetery. There, he was to go before me to enter the cemetery. We both put on a white frock. A moment later he handed me a flask of perfume called “Aoussarabia” and we poured it on our bodies. Right afterwards he gave me a bell and took one for himself. We were to ring these bells all along the way. These are the bells which are used during the Catholic mass. Before leaving his house he took the time to recite a certain prayer, and we left. I was afraid to be seen going to the cemetery with the priest, because the street that led to it was frequently used, even up until late at night. But, to my big surprise, we didn’t meet anyone along the way. At the entrance of the cemetery, I stopped and he went before me. I was to enter before him, with orders to ring the bell at each step. We walked to the middle of the cemetery and there he asked me to kneel with him. He began to recite prayers, while invoking the first person who had been buried in the cemetery. I listened to him courageously. Several instants later, we saw someone coming to answer him. He asked him why he had been called. The priest answered that he wanted to contact the “invisible” world, because he was accompanied by a visitor, in this case, me. The spirit gave him his agreement. He then changed invocations, in order to call “Boss BOMBARD”. Suddenly, a big earthquake took place, and a very strong wind began to blow. In the face of these unusual events, I took fright. Having noticed it, he reassured me. Suddenly, a booming voice, deep and authoritarian, was heard, but it was difficult for me to localize it. This voice spoke to the priest in this manner: “Why are you bothering me?” He then answered that he had come with the “youngster” whom he had told him about. As for me, I couldn’t understand any of this. Next, BOMBARD addressed me by name. However this name had not been given to him since we were there. The voice told me: “BAKAJIKA, why are you here?” Ignoring the reason of my presence at the cemetery, I mumbled that I had come to accompany the priest. He told me to wait, and was going to tell me what I was supposed to do. Then I heard the priest and the voice converse in a language I didn’t understand. Once this conversation had ended, BOMBARD said to me: “BAKAJIKA, we can see that inside of you there are many doubts.





But, in order to show you that serious things happen here, ask me what you want, and I will fulfill it immediately.” My ardent desire had always been to avenge my big brother’s death. So I said to him: “My big brother is buried in this cemetery. I want to see him and speak to him.” He made me wait one minute, then I saw with my very eyes my eldest brother, who had been dead for four years. He asked me the following question: “Why are you looking for me?” I answered him that I wanted to know more about the circumstances of his death. He answered me this: “You are already an important man, since you’ve already made it up to here. It’s not up to me to answer you, because you’ll know more about it”. With these words, he disappeared. Then BOMBARD again spoke to me: “You are going to buy me 30 bottles of Aoussarabia perfume, and you will bring them to me. Then, you will no longer use practical magic, because now good things have started happening to you.” He promised to reveal secrets to me which I didn’t know. Before leaving the cemetery, the priest asked me to pick up a little bit of sand on any tomb around. Back at the house, the priest entered first, walking backwards. I had to follow him also going backwards. He asked me to throw some sand on the ground, in a manner to block the entrance to the house. Inside, I asked him why we hadn’t met anyone while going to the cemetery. He told me that he had removed all the passers-by by pronouncing the prayer just before our departure. Then I asked him what was the use of the sand taken from a tomb. He told me that it made a barrier so that all the spirits of the cemetery couldn’t reach us. I was very curious to know to whom I was going to give the perfume, and how I was to proceed, for I hadn’t seen anyone; I had just heard a voice. The priest assured me that I was to deliver the perfume myself into the hands of the one who had spoken to me.


Some new occultic favours


I ran to my father, asking him for the amount of money necessary to buy the perfume. Since he was aware of my diligence at school, he didn’t hesitate to give me the money. Two days later, I was at the priest’s home with my package of perfume. We prepared to go to the cemetery, like the first time. At 8 PM, we were at the cemetery. The priest prayed and did his invocations, and the same






earthquake took place. Our invisible speaker came and asked us the motif of our presence. The priest said that I was here with the asked-for perfume. He asked me to come forward a few steps and place the package on the ground. This having been executed, I saw the package disappear before my eyes. Having congratulated me for my efforts, BOMBARD promised to chose a place in my room that would be a sort of mailbox where I would receive the correspondences that were addressed to me. He promised to send me a prayer book that I was to learn by heart for three months, as well as a magic chain and some magic powder. A letter from the invisible world: Two days later, I found at the foot of my bed a letter written by BOMBARD, which informed me of my postal box number (P.O. Box OO/ 0045+) and my telephone number (0011/0012, General Direction, INDIA). I was to send this letter back into the invisible world after having taken knowledge of its contents, because anyone who read it would have to die. This General Direction was located at 102 Cemetery Road, in the invisible world.


How I communicated with the invisible world


Telephone communication was assured by means of an apparatus resembling a walkie-talkie, but as small as a matchbox, or again with a magic chain which bore a cross. When one put the end of the cross in one’s mouth, one entered in contact with the invisible world. This same chain could kill people, if one struck them with it. Two days later, the people thus hit would die after a small bout of fever. One could also heal the sick by putting the chain around their neck.


I receive the prayer book


A week later, at midnight, while I was sleeping, I heard as if in a dream, something fall at the foot of my bed. I jumped and realised that the promised prayer book was there. This place was therefore indeed the location of my magic postal box. The book’s cover carried some very significant drawings. My name was printed at the top of the cover: BAKAJIKA MUANA NKUBA. Underneath was represented a closed coffin, in which was laid a corpse. A cross rose above the coffin, at the top of which a bird was perched.





Underneath the coffin, fourteen little crosses were aligned horizontally. The coffin and the corpse signified that all my activities would be centralised from the cemetery, place where the dead are buried. The bird perched on the cross indicated that it was from the cemetery that we were to fly away to the invisible world. The book contained a series of sixteen prayers which I would need for my activities: to go to the cemetery, to invoke the invisible world, to speak with the dead, to be successful in matters of love, to produce miracles, make money, etc. I would have to do my best to memorize all these prayers during the three following months. The next morning at 6:30 AM, I went to the priest’s to give my report. During our conversation, he told me that each time I read a phrase of these prayers; the inhabitants of the invisible world were alerted. I told him that in this case, I was going to torment them constantly. He assured me that the invisible world wouldn’t hold it against me, because it knew that I was in the learning process. Three months went by, to my great satisfaction, because I had memorized and mastered each one of those prayers. The day arrived when I had to confirm all of my knowledge at the cemetery. I told my initiator that I was ready. It was thus decided that we would go to the cemetery to prove to BOMBARD that I had learned my prayers well. During the preparation of our visit, the priest told me that, this time, I was to pronounce the invocations.


My new visit to the cemetery


Having arrived at the cemetery, the priest let me speak. I pronounced the invocation twelve times, but without results. At the thirteenth time, I heard an earthquake and the strong wind blowing. Then our speaker ended up answering us: “BAKAJIKA, why are you bothering me?” I answered him that I had come to show him that I had mastered the prayers well. He then asked me to recite all of them to him, from the first to the last. When I finished, he congratulated me, but formally forbade me to show the book to anyone who wasn’t one of us. Because anyone who simply looked at the book had to die. He authorized me to invoke or to visit the cemetery at my own will, and to ask for anything I wanted, as the prayers indicated. He then gave me the matchbox- sized apparatus, to enter into direct communication with them, any time. This






apparatus came into my hand by means unknown to me. Then he added: “Before I give you the authorization to use the prayers, you must be baptised.” Therefore I left the place we were kneeling, and I went farther into the cemetery. There I noticed an old bottle of Johny Walker whisky filled with water. BOMBARD commanded me to wash my entire body in this water. I did it and noticed that the water never diminished in the bottle.


I exert new powers


That day, I returned home bursting with joy at the perspective of now having my future so largely opened before me. That same day, in my room, I attempted to ask for money, for it was my first and foremost desire. I therefore used one of the prayers to ask for 5,000 Zaires. This amount arrived in my “postal box” around midnight. I was in bed when the sound of the package falling in my room made me jump. I looked inside the package: it contained several stacks of bills. I hurried to verify its contents. There were effectively 5,000 Zaires, which was a fortune at the time. The world was opening before me! This money was dissipated in drinking and in chasing girls, etc. When it was spent, I again asked the invisible world for more money, which was given to me on the spot. Thanks to it I established a privileged position for myself among my schoolmates and friends. All I needed was to make a little prayer in order for my pockets to be filled with bills. My fortune grew in such a way that at sixteen years old, I was able to buy my first Ford automobile. I was in permanent contact with the invisible world, either by the cemetery, or either by my special telephone. My activities grew in intensity, and those around me were in astonishment.


How I was protected


Until then, no special kind of danger had manifested itself. The priest gave me encouraging advice and said nothing more, except to remain very discrete. I had become a familiar of the cemetery, and I could now go there alone, without any more fear. I could invoke anyone buried there and converse with them on any subject of my choice. I even ignored that I had already acquired great power, which made me invulnerable to witch doctors and their





witchcraft. This privileged position had provoked hatred within my family circle. Those who had caused my brother’s death were jealous of me. They looked for a way to get to me in order to hurt me, but they never had a chance. They plotted with a great witch doctor from KANANGA, known for his power to provoke supernatural lightning, in an attempt to annihilate my power. When I entered his house, he gave me a clay pot, in which he had prepared his mixture. He said that he loved me, and that he wanted to give me a protection against all occultic power. This pot had, in principle, the power to transport me and move me around, while stripping me of my power. When I stood on the pot, it broke. He became violently angry and expelled me from his home. His name was LUKINU, which signifies HATE in our language. Several sorcerers and witch doctors invited me each by turn, only to find their power to be destroyed. Before leaving my father’s house, my family and I were attacked by lightning sent by LUKINU in order to kill us. It had been requested by a paternal uncle named MUKENDI, with the complicity of one of my maternal aunts named BIUMA. This attempt failed because I was present in the house that evening.




The invisible world


In 1976, the priest called me to inform me of the expiration of his term in Zaire. He said he didn’t want to abandon me along the way, in his own words. Therefore we were now to make a giant step so as to attain the final goal. However I thought I had reached the summit of my powers, and I was surprised to find out I still had things to learn. I made an appointment with him to go to the cemetery at midnight.


Our astral projection


When we left at midnight, the priest took along a small rectangular carpet. Arriving at the cemetery, he invoked the first dead person to have been buried here, inviting him to do his job, for we were going to travel. After another invocation, he gave me a sign and asked me to sit with him on the carpet. Immediately, we were split. Our bodies stayed at the cemetery, guarded under the care of the first





buried person, and in our spirit we went to the invisible occultic world. We found ourselves in a very beautiful world that I had never seen in all of my life, and in a very beautiful city. We strolled along the wide, well-planned and embellished avenues. There were giant buildings with very refined decorations. We entered Cemetery Street, and at number 102 found ourselves at the headquarters of the General Direction of Magic. We were received with pomp.


I see my interlocutors


Already, from the threshold of the building, I was surprised to see my photograph, in large dimension, displayed in the waiting room. Since I desired to know more, the priest told me the photo had been taken during our first visit to the cemetery. A moment later, we were ushered into an office where we found those to whom we had spoken at the cemetery. I recognized, after their constitution, that they were angels. There were three individuals who were called respectively: Boss BOMBARD, responsible of the administration of all the external relations; Boss MADRAC, who was a warrior and a judge, and whom one invoked in difficult situations, and who had the power to indispose, to give illnesses, to paralyse or kill, according to the situation at hand; and Miss Marie-Jeanne BRIGNET, a woman originally from India, who took care of finances. I became acquainted with them, as well as with the first person buried at the cemetery where I made my visits. He served as a sort of customs officer, in order to facilitate our access to the invisible world.


Those who frequent the invisible world


After having met these people from the hereafter, I was introduced to other terrestrial beings who had relations with the invisible, especially those who lived in Zaire. Invited into the great hall, I found many historical personalities, some whose lives we had studied at school: scholars, scientists, inventors, great businessmen, political figures, and, finally, members of the Catholic clergy, cardinals, priests, etc. The day’s session was organized so as to present me to the invisible world. I saw Pope Paul VI make his entrance. He was the one who directed the ceremonies. It goes without saying that the Pope was the representative of all the living people who attended the invisible world, and he held the supreme





power. The Pope was still alive at the time. He pronounced a long speech, after which I was baptised Master to the third degree, sixteenth power. The ceremony ended with a reception and a toast, but the “wine” was human blood.


Certain aspects of this occultic world


There was neither day nor night in this world, but there was an ambient atmosphere. After this first contact, the priest, with the authorization of BOMBARD, took me for a visit of this world with another individual. I made a sightseeing tour, going in here, coming out there, in the midst of all of these sumptuous buildings and edifices. We stopped in front of a high fence, hermetically closed. Someone came to open, and asked us to remain on the threshold. Inside, people carried heavy burdens; some were suspended by a foot, upside down; others were being tortured, etc. Curious, I asked what this was about. I was told these were people who had committed suicide on earth, and who had to endure punishment, because they had no right to take their own life. Farther ahead, this individual drew my attention to a place which had the form of a lost well, so large and deep that I was unable determine its breadth or dimensions. He told me that this was hell, but it wasn’t open, for the time had not yet come. Since the time to return to the earth was drawing near, we came back to BOMBARD to say goodbye. He asked me if I was hungry. Naturally, I was filled with the discovery of this new world. He gave me a biscuit, small and round, which I savoured. Once eaten, this biscuit appeases the appetite for three days.


Our return to earth


All the formalities having been accomplished, we returned to earth. I was surprised to find it was midnight when we arrived at the cemetery. In this invisible world, there are no hours, like on earth. I had spent about thirty minutes in that world. We had the custom to gather together in the invisible world for every Catholic holiday throughout the year, and upon convocation for every extraordinary session. We had to respect certain interdictions, among which: not to wash one’s self in the nude, not to go to the cemetery during a funeral, not to shake hands with someone in the morning, etc. Each





month I had to sacrifice white roosters and pigeons… With the help of my magic carpet, I could travel all over the earth of the living without any administrative formality, and thus have been able to travel all over the world. On the other hand, my parents didn’t understand my activities. One day, my father accused me of being a thief, but I affirmed to him that it wasn’t the case. I promised to buy him a car in the days ahead. At these words, he took me for an adventurer, and disbelieved what I said. BOMBARD asked me to buy a piece of land and to leave my father’s home. The site chosen for me was located in the neighbourhood of the hospital of KANANGA, not far from the city’s cemetery, near the old emplacement of the cemetery for premature babies. This place was ideal for me to easily contact the invisible world or to visit the cemetery without hindrance. This land was located at N°35 N’SELE Street. At the same time, I gave money to my little brother so that he could also buy a piece of land for himself. This was done in the KAMAY neighbourhood at KANANGA.


The sorcerers’ attacks continue


Since we lived in a traditional society, the attacks from the sorcerers continued. They did all they could to destabilize me. They even sought to take my life if it had been possible, but in vain. The position I held in relation to them was very preeminent. Unable to do anything against me, they went into the invisible world to accuse me. As for me, I was not informed of their scheme. But, one day, I received a message inviting me to go into the invisible world at midnight. Quickly I went to alert the priest who, of his own initiative, decided to accompany me. It was midnight when we joined the invisible world. There, I was asked to wait for my accusers to appear before Judge MADRAC. I was surprised, but the priest, my faithful companion, reassured me. A moment later, I saw nine people file in, all members of my family and with whom I was perfectly acquainted. They sat not far from us. The judge asked us to go to the witness-box. The first question was to determine whether we knew one another. The procedure was the same as that on the earth. Once this was done, they were asked why they had accused me. They answered together that they had noticed the very high position I occupied in relation to theirs, and that they feared I






would cause them harm in the long run. They had therefore wanted to move first in order to eliminate me. The session was ended after their condemnation: each one of them received a token on which a date had been inscribed. This date corresponded to that of its detainer’s death. They returned to earth confounded. I was informed that these sorcerers were going to use retaliation to avenge themselves, but that they wouldn’t succeed. Once back on earth, I noticed a change of attitude on each sorcerer’s face. In order to know more, I attempted to visit one of them, who was a paternal uncle. He kicked me out like a dog. Those familiar with him didn’t understand, since before I had been on good terms with him. This scene repeated itself everywhere I went to visit these notorious sorcerers. They, and I, knew very well what it was about, while the neighbours asked themselves what was going on. The sorcerer’s reaction was terrible. They sent me magical snakes, or dogs to bite me, but they failed miserably. One day, at 1 PM, I was resting in my room. I was still living at my parent’s home. I heard a unusual noise against the partition wall. I barely had the time to get up from bed, when I saw a snake, entirely black, measuring three meters long (it was measured Page 38 after being killed), with a diameter of about eight centimetres, getting ready to bite me. I wanted to escape, but the snake lunged to block my way. I invoked the invisible world to distract the snake. This done, I left to alert my little brother so he could come kill the snake. When my brother approached, the snake stood guard just at the entrance of the house, ready to attack anyone who would dare enter in. My little brother first tried to throw rocks at him, but his sling broke. At that point, the snake prepared to flee, but I prevented it by the means of incessant incantations. Suddenly, one of the parishioners, named BUABUA, arrived as if he had been called, sling in hand. He succeeded in slaying this beast. This manoeuvre repeated itself several times, because it was a counterattack from the sorcerers, who sought either to rob me of my neck chain, or to have me bitten in order to eliminate me. But they failed utterly. After the snakes they tried to attack me with a dog, but this attempt again was a fiasco. They are all dead at this very day.


The role of dogs, boa snakes and pigeons







On the property of important businessmen, one notices a small farmyard where one can always be sure to find a dog. We also were to raise a dog, but this dog could not be bought on an earthly market. It was obtained in the invisible world. Once this dog was on our property, it barked only against sorcerers and petty magicians, and prevented them from entering in. When its owner is absent, this dog registers each day every person’s visit from the exterior, as well as their names and the purpose of the visit. When its owner returns, the dog communicates all of this information to him, using all of the motions common to dogs greeting their masters. It’s at this moment that the dog gives its report to its master, to inform him of everything that has taken place during the master’s absence. For the circumstance, I too obtained a dog in the invisible world. I could also, when arriving on someone’s property, question either a tree, a hen, or even the person’s dog, in order to find out everything that took place there. The boa and the pigeon play a very big role in the business world. For in spite of all the wealth we disposed of, we also had the bad faith of exploiting national and international banks. If we needed several millions, we purchased a pigeon. After having pronounced a prayer at midnight, we sent the pigeon off to a specific bank and it would bring the money back to us within five minutes. The pigeon was preferable to the boa for its speed. But if we needed billions, this time we sent a boa who, around 3 AM, would bring the money and go vomit it in a special room called the “sanctuary”. As for the pigeon, it also served as a messenger between sorcerers, or between them and the invisible world.


I must get married


Around that time, I had to marry by orders of the invisible world. In my house stood a big wardrobe which contained millions of zaires. In order not to be tormented by my wife, I gave her one of its drawers, from which she could draw as much money as she wanted, without even asking me. Even if she had emptied everything out by evening, the next morning the drawer was always full. 1 John 2:15-16 gives us the following counsel: “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world— the lust of the flesh, the






lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but of the world.” Yet there are children of God who are tempted to envy sinners who live grand lives, thinking they are themselves punished by God. Rather, what we need, is to rejoice in what the Lord gives us, for He knows the measure of what we need each day.


I get a new automobile


After this, I was told to go to the car dealer at KANANGA, once facing the Central Station, and called AFRICAUTOZAIRE. I was to take delivery of the car I had asked from the invisible world some times before. I made a rendezvous with my nephew to accompany me. That day, a Tuesday morning, I reminded my father that the moment had come for me to offer him the promised automobile. He didn’t accept my offer, and neither did my nephew. But we went to the place nevertheless. When we arrived, my nephew was very surprised of the warm welcome that was given us: “Boss, you’re already here! Your car is ready, do you want a chauffeur?” I answered that I would drive it myself. Yet I had never driven a single car in my life. I went behind the steering wheel, and invoked the invisible world in order to receive the ability to drive. This done, I invited my nephew on board, and we left. At the house, my father was stupefied… In my neighbourhood, everyone knew that it was my father who had ordered this auto, for he was a well-known merchant. As for me, I was a businessman and student.


The role of jewellery


Since we didn’t possess fraternal love, we went as far as making even those with little means to suffer. To do this, we went into jewellery stores to copy some of the models on display, and we would order these same models in the invisible world. During the night, we would replace the jeweler’s models with ours. In the morning, these jewels from the invisible world would become suddenly much more attractive than the originals, even if these had been noticed before then. Anyone who bought these jewels and brought them home would attract all manner of problems to themselves, without knowing the reason why. The following night, I would displace myself in the spirit to look for my jewels. From each house they were in, they emitted a light similar to that of blinking





headlights. I would then let myself into the houses where these jewels were, to observe the lifestyles of the inhabitants, and then cast an evil spell on them. Then illnesses would arise in these particular homes; there would be accidents, or problems which necessitated expenses that we profited from. Wearing jewellery is not a necessity for the children of God. The Bible speaks clearly on that manner in the following two passages : “In like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing, but, which is proper for women professing godliness, with good works” (1 Timothy 2:9-10). “Do not let your beauty be that outward adoring of arranging the hair, of wearing gold, or of putting on fine apparel ; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible ornament of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God” (I Peter 3:3-4).


My magic glasses


I wore special glasses which played a big role in my life. When I wore them, I could unmask any occultic power in my life. If someone wore fetishes or talismans, or practised witchcraft, I could detect it by looking through these glasses. I could then destroy all these talismans and fetishes without their possessor realizing it. It was only later, while trying to invoke them, that they noticed they didn’t answer any more. I could do these things, because I detained a power superior above all ordinary magic and sorcery. Sorcery was just a minor power I didn’t pay much attention to, because in my eyes, it represented nothing. My power was situated at a level that small magicians could not attain.


My ecclesiastical activities


All the while I prospered in my business activities, I maintained good relations with the Catholic clergy, as well as with all the parishioners. Although I was young, I was successively elected President of Youth Crossroads at Saint Bruno Parish, President of the Junior Presidium of the Legion of Mary, then co-founder of the Junior Holy Family Curia, where I held the functions of treasurer, secretary, and vice-president. Each time there was an opening to these positions; I would submit my candidature and be elected by





the majority of the votes, because no obstacle could stand in my way. My visits to the invisible world had become very frequent, to the point where all those under my administration became aware of it, and I captivated their spirit in order to prevent them from opposing themselves to me. One day, when I was taking an end-of-the year visit in the invisible world, BOMBARD informed me that I had been chosen to lead the parish of Saint Bruno. I thought there would be a problem, for there already was a president. Seeing my thoughts, BOMBARD told me that there would be problems within the directing committee of my parish and that, unbeknownst to me, the committee members would submit and support my candidature, massively voting for me, to everyone’s great satisfaction. These problems of the directing committee were to be caused by the invisible world itself, so as to allow me to graduate to the level of manipulating human spirits, that is, to lead them into believing and practising whatever I would commanded them. It must be noted here that my presidency has remained in everyone’s memory, because of the activities I initiated and the success I achieved. I was still in the invisible world when BOMBARD’s word came true. Returning to earth around January 15, 1980, I discovered that I had been elected president of the parish committee. I open parentheses to say that the same thing is done to appoint bishops and cardinals, and to elect the Pope. Everything is already arranged in advance in the invisible world, and the living merely concrete the choice. I celebrated the ordinary mass, as well as the circumstantial ones and even the ones for the dead. The parish experienced a considerable upswing during the entire duration of my presidency. The soccer team I had organized was invincible, because it was I who decided the outcome of the games in advance, and imposed the score I wanted. Because of this, the young people called me MVIDI MUKULU, which means, “God”. During a meeting in the invisible world, I asked BOMBARD to show me JESUS CHRIST. When I pronounced this name, I saw everybody kneel, and I remained puzzled, not understanding what was going on. After five minutes, they got up, and BOMBARD formally forbade me to mention this name again, saying that here, they called him “OLD PAPA”. Since I insisted on seeing him, BOMBARD answered me that he lived very far away, but that I needed to know that he had placed them in the invisible world to serve the living. Several days later, he took me to





a garden in the invisible world, where he showed me a crucified man, whose blood still flowed fresh. He told me this is the man I was looking for. Unfortunately, it was a lie. I discovered later on, that this man on the cross is a Demon (with a capital D). He is the one Catholics represent on their images and idols…


The General Founder


In my desire to know everything, I asked BOMBARD again to show me the General Director who presided over all the activities of the general direction. A rendezvous was made for the Wednesday of the following week. Near midnight, I went into the invisible world. We were suddenly surprised by a very strong earthquake, and fell to our knees. The one who presented himself had a much greater stature than BOMBARD. Having arrived to the place where we knelt, he stood before me and asked me why I was looking for him. I lifted my head to look at him, and I saw that he had three heads. Each head spoke in turn. I answered him that I first wanted to know him, and then I told him I wanted to be a multibillionaire on the earth. He answered that first I had to be thankful for what he had already given me, and that at the age of thirty he would give me the riches I asked for. In closing, he asked me to offer him in sacrifice a goat who could no longer give birth, which I did. In reality, this General Director of the invisible world had a name: he was commonly known as the General Founder FELIX. He certainly is the founder, because the invisible world belongs to him completely. But in reality, he is Satan, who disguises himself under several different forms.




Who are the sorcerers?


I have described to you earlier what the sorcerers had wanted to do in my life. And, during all of my activities, I never lost sight of this. One day, in 1981, I went into the invisible world to ask for information that might be useful for me concerning the sorcerers, the devil, and God. When I questioned BOMBARD, he first spoke to me about God. He told me that God had placed them here to serve the living, but that one could not enter into direct contact with Him except through the general director, who lived a little bit farther





than where we were. It was the general director who, on my insistence, BOMBARD had presented me to: a being who held great authority, and who had three heads. It was him who was, according to BOMBARD, the representative of God. But no one could approach this creator God, who was called “OLD PAPA” in the invisible world. After I had mentioned the sorcerers, he initiated me during an entire night on the subject. Here is briefly some of the information he gave me:


The transmission of evil powers


The detainer of an evil power transmits it in successive stages. First he studies the person to whom he wants to transmit it, all the while taking note of which of the person’s family members to be sacrificed later he is to cast an evil spell on. After having prepared the way, he gives to his victim a diabolical seed, which planted in the victim’s heart, will cause him to never divulge a secret, even at the price of a sacrifice. This also allows him to be in permanent contact with the other sorcerers, and to become obstinate so as to pursue this road and go all the way. As this seed develops, the newly indoctrinated begin to see the sorcerer’s world. But he can only go there if he receives his own means of transportation, which can either be a ball-point or a fountain pen, a reed or the leaf of any tree. Little by little, he begins to familiarize himself with the members of his assembly, as well as with the existing power hierarchy. Until then, he is a novice. He cannot accomplish any act nor cast any evil spell, as long as he hasn’t been completely initiated. In the first weeks, the newly initiated participate naked at the assemblies, while those of rank wear clothing made of tree leaves. To close his initiation, the new disciple must sign a pact with the sovereign master: Satan. But it is only after the pact that he will realize that he has an engagement to serve Satan. Since he is bound by this pact, he can no longer withdraw, under the threat of being executed. But he is promised to receive infinite riches, as well as to have his own private aero plane. On the day of the initiation, a beautiful cow is sacrificed. Remember that beginning 6 PM; each sorcerer makes contact with his world and his colleagues. At the hour appointed by his sovereign master, Satan, the new disciple must pass before all of his chiefs in the hierarchy, so that he may become well-known.






Before them is placed a large stew pot containing the sacrificed cow’s meat. The novice must advance to the pot to find out what is cooking, and take his portion. At first glance, he will notice that it contains human flesh. Normally, he will not have enough courage to take some. Under the order of the elders, he will serve himself, and, this time, will see that it is cow’s meat. Behind the pot stands Satan, ready to receive the oath, but the novice doesn’t see him yet. At the moment he takes his portion and eats it in front of everyone, he is encouraged by the applause of the audience. That is when he signs a pact of fidelity and obedience to every order and to every assignment entrusted to him, and engages to strictly keep the secret of sorcery to himself. It is after having eaten that he becomes aware of the presence of Satan behind the pot. When he returns to the altar, the elders ask him to consolidate his pact by promising to sacrifice someone dear to him, in compensation of what he has just eaten. The newly initiated one finds himself obligated to give the name of this person and the amount of time needed to attain him or her. From now on, he can travel wherever he wishes aboard his own machine. Now he can also cast evil spells. Sorcery (witchcraft) is subdivided into three great branches:


Family sorcery


This branch of sorcery has powers limited to the clan or tribal level. Power is transmitted between parents and children, between children themselves, or between members of the same clan or tribe. But sorcerers in this category cannot attain someone outside of these limits.


Regional or ethnic sorcery


This branch of sorcery involves an entire population that speaks the same language, generally at the level of an ethnic group or a nation. Each ethnic group is lead by a council. For example, the Bakongo have their own council, the Baluba, the Baswahili have theirs, etc. At this level, all the different councils are in relation with one another. If, for example, some Bakongo want to attain a member of their ethnic group who is in the KASAI region, they will ask those who are in that area to help them. When a council holds a meeting, it debates over the victims that must be chosen for





execution, and submits its report to the sovereign master. If he agrees on a person, this person is put to death. But if he refuses a candidate, that one will not be killed.


International or universal sorcery


This branch brings together the entirety of the councils worldwide, without distinction of race, sex, or tongue. These councils are directed by elected members who wield the most extensive powers. They can operate on anyone, whatever one’s ethnic group or tongue. It is among them that the general secretaries are appointed, who have the privilege of meeting with Satan any time they wish, and who can travel around the world at any hour of the day. The general secretaries and their assistants meet four times a week: on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. At every reunion, each general secretary must bring the names of five people to be sacrificed. Since they detain absolute power over anyone, they can attain feeble-minded people, or provoke accidents to provide victims. They take anything that crosses their path, and offer blind sacrifices without any discernment, to the point of exterminating members of their own family. At this level, there is a difference between magicians and sorcerers. Magicians also make sacrifices, but with more moderation and dissimulation, to the point where it is difficult to suspect them. Even though they serve the same master, Satan, there is a deep antagonism between magicians and sorcerers, except when they need to safeguard their common interests.


How sorcerers kill their victims


A sorcerer can proceed to kill a person in different ways: by accident, through disease, etc. When he gets ready to take a victim, he MOVES THE HEART of this person. The victim then manifests every sign of death, all the while remaining alive. The person can hear all of the mourners around him, but can neither move nor do anything, because his heart is not in its place. He realizes that he is being prepared for burial, and he is conscious of everything being done to his body until he is placed in his tomb. At 6 PM, the elders call the one who has just sacrificed a person, with the intent of hardening his heart through a particular ceremony. At that moment,





the sorcerer loses all desire to weep, and joins in his colleague’s joy at having been able to make another victim. At the same moment, the sorcerers come, in an occultic manner, to unearth the victim to take him or her into the invisible world. There, this person passes before judgement, before being transformed into any kind of animal; a cow, a goat, etc., to be prepared to be eaten. When the sorcerers meet, on that given day every ordinary sorcerer is expected to furnish a soul to be sacrificed, while every general secretary or his assistant is expected to sacrifice five souls. Furthermore, each general secretary is expected to sacrifice FIVE HUNDRED people in the month of June of each year, and FIVE HUNDRED people in the month of December! These numbers may seem exaggerated to some, but they are true. Each accident which involves hundreds of people across the world are caused by these great magicians. They always appear as dirty, ugly and contemptible, and stand at crossroads and bus stops to provoke people by dirtying them. Those who get angry or insult them are marked, and the sorcerer brings about an accident of the bus or taxi cab which these people have taken, in order to cause their death. Therefore it is dangerous to insult or to get angry against a stranger. The sorcerer knows very well that when one is angry, or when one makes fun of a person, one is in a state of sin and separated from God. He thereby takes advantage of this situation to accomplish his task.


Other evil acts from sorcerers


In the neighbourhood where a general secretary lives, people don’t progress. Young women never find a husband, and have children out of wedlock. Or else, if some do marry, they will divorce after having had several children and then return to their parent’s home. Young men also, despite their diplomas, never find jobs. The sorcerers give them the mind of a baby, and these young people spend their days playing cards, checkers, discussing sports, etc. Sorcerers also transmit epidemics by enclosing in occultic ways the brain of their victims inside of fruits: mangoes, avocados, etc. They can even put on sale, on the markets of the world, human flesh under the guise of cow meat, for example. One then finds customers lining up by the dozen to buy such meat, because






everything which comes from the invisible world is very attractive. But when it comes to preparing such meat, it will be tasteless, and foam during the cooking process. Concerning the above, this doesn’t mean that one can no longer eat certain fruits or foods, but we must do what the Bible says: everything must be taken with thanksgiving. “For every creature of God is good, and nothing is to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving; for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer” (I Timothy 4:4-5). For all of this, there exists a safety exit: JESUS CHRIST! Only He can deliver us from such slavery.


My meeting with Lucifer


Already accustomed to be around spirits, even the most powerful ones, I never ceased to ask what their origin was and whom they served. It was revealed to me that they were servants of the great master Lucifer. I thus sought an opportunity to meet him, but this opportunity didn’t present itself. After having become acquainted with the sorcery organisation, and always in my desire to know more, I asked BOMBARD to do everything to put me in contact with the “devil”. When I pronounced the word “devil”, BOMBARD became angry against me and asked me why I called him this way. He continued to tell me that all of us were at his service. What a big surprise this was for me! He went on, saying that the word “devil” was a derogatory name used by the inhabitants of the earth, and that I needed to know, starting that day that he was called “SOMODIEU OF THE TWO HEARTS.” Happy from this terrifying discovery, I then asked BOMBARD to put me in contact with him. He answered that he was too busy, and that it was practically impossible to meet him. Nevertheless, it was possible to attempt to contact his personal secretary and bodyguard, to find out if he could do something. BOMBARD thus gave me a prayer to invoke NABAM, Satan’s bodyguard. He told me that NABAM was very dangerous for the living, which meant that I was to be very careful and watch that he wouldn’t touch me when he would appear, for then I would have to die on the spot. The invocation ceremony was to take place at midnight. It involved a whole set of preparations of which I won’t mention the details, except to specify that I had to obtain, among other things, some holy water that is found in Catholic churches. I






had to trace a circle around myself with lime, and a circle for NABAM, and I had to be alone in the house, because NABAM would have taken with him the soul of anyone who would be found in the house at that particular time. I chose the date, in order to make my wife and the rest of our household leave. They were happy because of all the money and gifts I gave them to offer to the relatives with whom they were going to spend the weekend. With the diabolical courage that animated me, I attempted the act. I respected all the rules of the invocation, and NABAM appeared to me in the midst of a tumultuous wind. I gave him some holy water to drink. Then he asked me this question: “Why did you call me?” I answered him that I needed to meet Satan. He formally forbade me to call him Satan, but rather SOMODIEU OF THE TWO HEARTS. He praised his master’s power and proposed me some jewels: a chain necklace, a ring, etc. that would give me success in my enterprises under the condition that I never wear them in the churches where one prayed to the creator God. I refused his offer, because the chain necklace I possessed could already be used without any conditions attached, and I insisted to see SOMODIEU OF THE TWO HEARTS. I wanted to go quickly to save time and to discover other things. He then made a rendezvous with me for two days later and sent me, by correspondence, the adequate invocation prayer. The day of the rendezvous, at midnight, I invoked the sovereign master. In the room where I stood, called a “sanctuary”, I heard a very strong earthquake, accompanied by a very violent wind, so violent that I thought the trees outside had been broken. Suddenly, I saw a lizard appear before me which, as the wind blew, grew bigger and bigger in the matter of seconds. When it reached the dimensions of a crocodile, it transformed itself into an upright being, but whose body was covered with emerald- coloured scales except for its hands and head. He had the appearance of a young man about thirty years old. He spoke first, asking me why I had called him. I answered him that I desired to be counted as one of the billionaires on earth, and that I also wanted to meet him. He pretended to scratch himself and pulled from one of his scales a long list of human names, separated by a red line. He showed me this list, and I was surprised to see written there the names of all of my family members, the living on one side, and the dead on the other. He asked me to designate from among the living, five persons that I





was to sacrifice to him in order to obtain on the spot the riches I had asked for. For a few seconds, I remained confounded, and then I asked him to give me some time to think about it, telling him that I would call him again to inform him of my decision. After a moment’s hesitation, he told me that he lived under the RED SEA. In the twinkling of an eye, he said goodbye and disappeared. I had hesitated, because since I was in business, I had never been asked to make a human sacrifice. From that day onward, I never again invoked Lucifer in this manner, but I went to visit him at his home. We made a date; then we went to the Red Sea to meet him. Standing on the bank, the Saudi Arabian side, we pronounced the invocation. An opening was made along the water and we entered through it. We were greeted by NABAM inside a building that was decorated with the most exquisite taste. Then the great master came to welcome us. The first question he asked me was whether I had brought the five persons asked for. I excused myself and he accepted my excuses. Yet it is not his custom to accept an excuse from just anybody and for just any reason. He then revealed to me that he had already directed the world three times, under the disguise of the Popes, during the first and second Crusades, and during the hundred-year-war. It was Lucifer who had incarnated himself in these Popes. This explains itself, since a real servant of God cannot launch a war to kill people, inasmuch as there is the shedding of blood. I also learned that the General Founder that I had seen with three heads was always he, disguised in another form. Furthermore, the Jesus represented on the cross by the Great Babylon is none other but Lucifer himself, master of the diabolical trinity, having the emblem of three heads. He told me that he was doing everything to bring me closer to him, because he loved me a lot. He authorized me to attend his reunions, and to assist others in their macabre missions: kill people by the thousands; provoke accidents; destroy the churches where there was the beginning of a revival, by sending evil spirits to discourage the faithful or to give them spiritual weakness, or by sending spirits of immorality, an efficient weapon to annihilate every true spiritual power. How many plundering and massacres have been accomplished by us! How many Christian groups and churches dispersed! By all these practices, I was already excluded from the list of the children of God. “And the person who turns after mediums and familiar spirits,





to prostitute himself with them, I will set My face against that person and cut him off from his people” (Leviticus 20:6). I was hurling myself toward the abyss. I now knew that I was destined for hell, but Lucifer would tell us that we were going to get used to it. Lucifer would come and visit me at home during the day, in plain sight, but no one realized that he was the prince of this world. People believed that he was one of my fellow diamond dealers. We would go out to pick up women, and the fate that awaited them was death, after much suffering and curses in their life. Many prostitutes, male or female, have thus had sexual relations with an evil spirit, or with a great magician, who, on the outside, looked like decent people. I had received from Lucifer some magic eyeglasses, through which I could detect any sorcerer or witch doctor, and determine the level of his power. These eyeglasses are not to be confused with the ordinary ones I now wear. Lucifer is determined to make many people sin in order to separate them from God’s face and to enlarge his own ranks. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34). That is why today there are many more people who have evil spirits within them, compared to the previous eras, because Lucifer has unleashed all of his power to seduce the world to a maximum, by using notably the desire for luxury, the seeking of beautiful clothing, and the lust for glory.


A dangerous ignorance


Through all his disguises, Lucifer equally seduces people by superstition and the art of interpreting signs. He is also at the origin of idols (statues, medals, holy images…), amulets, ropes, rings, and red cloth that is worn on the hips, in certain diabolical churches who yet brandish the Bible. Other churches use symbols, such as for example the sign “S”, which is supposed to represent the word “salvation”. Others do it in a more complicated manner, by entwining the “S” with a cross, or by using the sign of the swastika. Some shake hands in the form of a cross; others wear obligatory white clothing, etc. Some others choose days to do or not to do certain things: to not travel, to marry, sow, bathe, cut their hair or nails, etc. In these churches of the devil you will find thousands of adepts ready to sacrifice everything in order to defend the interests






of their group. Divination, astrology, yoga, Rosicrucianism, the mahigari, psychoanalysis, telepathy, have a direct relationship with magic. To accomplish supernatural things and miracles, and because of the ambition and avidity of men, the devil hides himself today under the learned names of RESEARCH and SCIENCE. There also exists a whole body of literature inspired by the devil. Reading any of these works leads directly to demon possession. Some of the titles are : “The Five Books of John”, “Rational Theology”, “The Book of Wisdom”, “The Magic Forces Within Us”, “Letters From Heaven”, etc. The hour has come where God wants to remove all of our ignorance concerning the entire strategy of the devil. “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).




“Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me, saying to me : Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters, with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. “The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of the abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman, drunk with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement… And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth” (Revelation 17:1-6, 18). In the light of the revelation of this chapter, the prostitute, Babylon the great, is a city which exerts its control and its power over the kings of the earth, being seated on many waters. Which city does this refer to? Washington, D.C.? No, for despite its power, it doesn’t dominate over every country of the world. Neither is it Moscow. But it refers to a city which, although having a small surface area, extends its domination over all of the nations. This city is Rome, or






more exactly, the Vatican! Whatever the people or the nation, the Vatican has plunged its roots into it. All of these peoples and nations are the many waters (v. 1) on which the prostitute sits (v. 18). This prostitute is arrayed in purple and scarlet, which are the colours of the Catholic clergy’s clothing. It must be known that the Vatican possesses the world’s most important stockpile of precious stones. The Roman Catholic Church is the only religious institution in the world to have introduced worship by means of the cup (v. 4). This represents the impurities of its prostitution. Indeed, the Roman Catholic church has profaned the word of God by adding things which have no part in it (censers, candles, rosaries, idols, holy water, ashes, the cult of the dead…) (Revelation 22:18), and cut off what is beneficial (1 Corinthians 12:4-11 ; Ephesians 4:11). Furthermore, Catholic dignitaries cover their heads during prayer, which is contrary to 1 Corinthians 11:4. The cult of the dead is forbidden by God, and by practising it one enters directly into rebellion. Requiem masses can in no way save a soul (Mark 12:27, Psalms 49:7-9). These revelations may be amazing, as was the case for the Apostle John (Revelation 17:6), because many believe that this universal church can save souls, while in fact it is under God’s judgement! That is why it is high time to come out of its midst and to earnestly seek after salvation! (2 Corinthians 6:17-18).


The role of Catholic “saints”


Each saint in the Catholic repertory, whom Rome uses to seduce the entire world, is not a saint in the real sense of the word. These are dead people of often doubtful origins and lifestyles who are venerated by Catholics. Many of them have been magicians or Rosicrucians serving the devil while living. The bodies of these “saints” are recovered after their death by occultic means. These bodies are then mummified, just as for the Popes, and kept in the vaults of Saint Peter’s Basilica. When a new parish is opened somewhere, all of these spirits assemble together in the invisible world and draw lots to know which saint will be assigned to it. Once a name has been chosen, Lucifer orders the Pope to remove a piece of the body of this person. The part is then prepared by being enclosed in a white-coloured stone which will be placed inside the new church’s altar. From now on it is that particular demon who will






patronize all of the activities of the parish where he has been assigned. We do not ignore that a demon is given the mission to harm man. He will strive to instill false doctrine into the adepts of this religion, and arouse them into always multiplying sin upon sin. This white-coloured stone is normally featured underneath the drapery covering the altar. Before celebrating the mass, every priest must kiss the stone. The aim of this kiss is to lead the assistance into believing, without contesting, everything that it will be told, by means of the magical powers invested inside the stone. This same stone is used to communicate the priest’s wishes to the parish’s patron, that is, the dead person whose body part is enclosed inside the stone. It is this spirit which brings the parishioners’ spirits to submit to the will of the invisible world. God does not authorize us to communicate with the dead, nor to offer a cult to them. When people are led into this idolatrous act, they are constantly profaning the name of the Saviour. Here is the Biblical truth concerning this matter: “He is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living. You are therefore greatly mistaken” (Mark 12:27). God doesn’t need the dead, even though they might be with him, to transmit His message to man. This is confirmed in Luke 16:27-31, when the rich man asks the deceased Lazarus to return to warn his brothers. Abraham’s answer is firm. God does not need the dead in order to speak to the living. I open a parenthesis to say that during the entire length of my ecclesiastical duties at the head of the Saint Bruno Parish, I discovered that the mass itself is nothing else but an act of magic. I say this as a practising member.


The succession of Pope Paul VI and the correction of the Bible


In 1978, we participated at a big assembly in the invisible world to elect a successor to Pope Paul VI. This was done, and we voted for John- Paul Ist. During his enthronement, he received the mission to modify the Bible by removing the following passages: 1 Corinthians 6:6-16, 2 Corinthians 6:14-17, and the entire book of Revelation. Furthermore, he was to work in forging unity with all the pagans, missionaries and pastors, and with Christians of all creeds, to better fight against the One they called “THE GREAT ONE”. It is this movement of unity which is also called “ecumenicism”. Pope John-






Paul Ist didn’t easily accept the correction of the Bible. That is why Lucifer judged him to be incompetent and eliminated him from the world of the living. The world had many pretexts to justify his death. His successor John- Paul II, having accepted the mission, was enthroned and invested with great powers.


I receive a promotion


In order to keep count of all of the sinister exploits I had accomplished, it had been granted to me to build an entire city baptised CITY OF PARADISE, in which I was to live and exert all of my activities. This city was to have in particular a textile plant, a supermarket, etc. The years went by, and I dissimulated all of my occultic activities under the cover of illegal diamond dealing. Then, the invisible world communicated to me the date that had been chosen for my physical death, which was to take place in the year 2043, during the month of November, the day and hour yet to be determined.


I move to the capital


In 1983, I decided, with the permission of BOMBARD, to leave the city of KANANGA to definitely move to the capital, KINSHASA. This was accorded to me November 6, 1983, and I took leave of my brothers. The same night, I took my magic carpet and my luggage, and, by means of the cemetery, went to KINSHASA. I arrived there by the old cemetery of BINZADELVEAU. After a stay at the Okapi Hotel, I lived in DELVEAU for sixteen months before getting in touch with some brothers and acquaintances. While accomplishing my double ecclesiastical and magical mission, I participated in the archbishop of KINSHASA’s jubilee September 22, 1984. I was filmed by his side during the inauguration of Saint Joseph’s Hospital in LIMETE, wearing white glasses with black frames, and black pants with a beige jacket. My occultic activities intensified, but I had neither rest nor peace in my heart. Like all the others, I feared to receive an impossible mission, whose failure was always accompanied by the death sentence.


My visit under the earth






All of those who were sentenced to death were brought under the earth to be exterminated. That is when I decided to go there to take a look, with the permission of the supreme authorities. In order to do this, I had to meet with the “Queen of the Coast”, who was to give me access to this subterranean world. I therefore went to Pointe-Noire, in the People’s Republic of the Congo, to meet with the Queen of the Coast, on the shore of the Atlantic Coast. There we penetrated underneath the ocean, visiting her offices and her servants. One must mention here that the Queen of the Coast comes to our cities in a physical form to seduce skirt-chasers and kidnap them. Those who will have sexual relations with her will find themselves possessed, and will be cursed during their entire life. The seductive fashions which young women wear today always come from the Queen of the Coast. Underneath the earth, I discovered many more things. There were factories where people were busy creating models of beautiful cars or luxury equipment. When the models are ready, they bring them onto the earth, into the physical world, to be built. There was an electronics factory where televisions, radios and many other household appliances were made. I saw large research and study rooms where great scientists and learned men, like Einstein, Archimedes, and others, were elaborating and perfecting their inventions and formulas. I also visited a building made up of three chambers: the “Black Room”, where victims are executed; the “Intermediate Room”, where the victim is put into a press to extract the water from its body. The water obtained this way transits through Lucifer and is sent to the Pope, who has it put into flasks. This is what is called “holy water blessed by the Pope”. The victim’s body is then transferred to the “Drying Room”, where it is burned. The ashes will be added to those of Palm Sunday’s, and will be used to anoint the foreheads of the faithful on Ash Wednesday. I remained underneath the earth for two weeks, to familiarize myself with this environment, and then I regained the earth. I never left the company of Lucifer. We would go out together, in big Mercedes, which weren’t really normal cars. We would frequent all the high class places of KINSHASA, such as KIMPWANZA, VIS-A-VIS, the Hotel Intercontinental, etc. There, we would seduce women, who were to die several months later. I remember, among so many others, a certain BASOSILA, who went








to die at KIKWIT a few months later. At the entrance of bars, Lucifer places naked goddesses to put a spell on those who come to drink.


The unification of churches and worldwide political power


On May 25, 1985, Pope John-Paul II sent out an invitation to all the important people of the world, including those who call themselves evangelical but who work only for their own interests. The place chosen for this meeting was NAIROBI, KENYA, and 800,000 people came together on this occasion of the Pope’s visit. The work to be done had to do with the unification of the churches and the unification of the political world under the authority of the Pope. During one of the meetings, personally presided over by the Pope, on June 1st 1985, it was decided to delete from the Bible the following portions of Scripture already mentioned. Soon afterward, it was even decided to publish a new Bible that would not carry these portions, and which would be called “Jerusalem”. The Pope, aided by the powers of this world, will strengthen his throne to make himself to be worshipped like God, and the false prophet of the false peace will do everything to convince the entire world to align itself behind the Pope (1 Thessalonians 5:3). This false prophet is no one else but the author of the “Perestroika”, Mr. Mikhail Gorbatchev, to whom was given the Nobel Prize for Peace in October of 1990. The Pope is in the process of persuading all the heads of state of the entire world to adopt a policy that is conform to his projects. Thanks to its riches, the Vatican will succeed in imposing its will over all the poor and over every country whose economy is in difficulty. The application of the mark of the beast will be done in two manners: the first mark will be spiritual, through the total corruption of morals and the abandonment of the path of truth. This corresponds to 18 qualifications, that can be regrouped into three series of 6, forming the number 666, and that are enumerated in 2 Timothy 3:2-4 “For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents (6), unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control (6), brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God” (6). The other mark will be physical, either by a seal, either by a mark worn on the body (on the forehead or on the






hand), and which will allow those who belong to the beast to be identified. If a child of God finds himself in one of these above-mentioned qualifications, he must repent and pray with all his heart that God deliver him, because this spiritual mark will bring upon him the physical mark, from which one will not be able to escape, since the spiritual mark is already present. The poor in spirit are the only detainers of the Holy Spirit, without anything added (Matthew 5:3).


The Antichrist and the mark of the beast


On August 29, 1985, under the authority of the Pope, 16 articles were written which justify the events predicted in Revelation 13: 16-18. Because I personally took part in the meeting which prepared for the publishing of these articles, I will give you now the translation of the list of these 16 articles, taken from the minutes of this meeting, signed by Pope John-Paul II:


Article 1: No one will be able to send a letter by mail without the mark.


Article 2: No one will be hired by a company without the mark.


Article 3: No child will be able to study if his parents do not have the mark.


Article 4: All armaments will be placed under the authority of a unique worldwide organisation, and no one will be able to buy or sell them without the mark.


Article 5: No one will be able to buy nor sell food products, nor be a farmer, without this mark.


Article 6: No one will be able to make bank transactions without this mark.


Article 7: If someone doesn’t accept or goes against these articles, he will be severely punished, even up to the death penalty.


Article 8: No one will be able to travel without having this mark.








Article 9: All space exploration vessels will be placed under the authority of this worldwide organisation.


Article 10: No one will be able to import or export anything without having this mark.


Article 11: There will a unique currency, universally employed.


Article 12: There will be a unique Church, and all the members of this worldwide church will worship on the same day, Sunday.


Article 13: Poverty and destitution will be eliminated. The standard of living in developing nations will be improved.


Article 14: No one will be able to hunt or fish without this mark.


Article 15: Every transportation company worldwide will be particularly well treated.


Article 16: No one will be able to receive hospital care without having this mark.


My Conversion


My activities dwindle


Near the end of 1984, I noticed that if I asked for a certain amount of money, the invisible world would send me only the tenth of my request. This situation upset me, because I didn’t understand the reason why. That’s when I decided to return to KANANGA, to check out on the spot what was going on. But the opportunity to travel didn’t present itself. First of all, the carpet I used to travel on was taken away from me, and I didn’t have enough money to leave. My special telephone disappeared also, and I had nothing left to communicate with except for my prayers and my chain necklace.


A new destiny


At the beginning of August, 1985, I visited a cousin in the neighbourhood of NGABA, at Number 20 KINGULU Street. His wife asked me to accompany her to a prayer meeting. I placed the cross





of my chain necklace into my mouth to ask for BOMBARD’s permission. He forbade me to go. I then made up an excuse and escaped, pretending to be in a big hurry. But I promised to accompany her another time. A week later, I went by there again, and my cousin’s wife renewed her invitation. I refused once more, after having consulted BOMBARD. Passing by yet another time, she insisted again. That day, BOMBARD didn’t answer me when I called on him. I decided to go with her. It was 6:30 PM when we arrived together at Number 42 KAZIAMA Street, still in NGABA. When we entered into the compound, we found some young people practising the drums and men and women waiting for the meeting to start while reading their Bibles silently. Being sorry to find myself in such an environment, I reproached my cousin’s wife to have ridiculed me by bringing me into the midst of these “profane” people. I remained near the entrance of the compound, and I began to spiritually probe the environment in which I found myself. But I was unable to get in contact with the invisible world, in order to situate myself. At 5:00 PM, everything started: hymns, intercessions… I obstinately continued to try to understand what exactly was going on, but in vain. While they were interceding, I stretched out my astral hand (the hand of my spiritual body) to block their prayers. I then felt a powerful fire burning me. Every one of my attempts failed, and I continued to watch them at work. Once the intercessions were over, the assistance was asked to wait for prophecy. Immediately afterwards, a brother began to prophecy and it was aimed directly at me. Here is what this prophecy said: “Our brother who is near the door is very beloved of the Lord. The Lord wants to put him at His service, but He is asking him to do one thing: that he turns to Him and give up all of his magical practices. He will lose all the goods he has acquired through magic, but the Lord will walk with him.” He told me that I was carrying a briefcase with holes, which meant that I was going to lose everything I had acquired through magic. Then, he said that he saw a plate turning before me, which meant that God would establish me into a peaceful life, if I would give myself to Him, and that He would take me into His service. You can imagine my surprise when I heard this youth give out the details of my life, while my own brothers and sisters here in KINSHASA didn’t know who I really was! I was thoroughly convinced of the truth of this prophecy, but, inside me, I doubted





very much as to the prophecy’s orthodoxy. I became irritated against this brother, and waited until nightfall to come and sift him as wheat. After the meeting, a servant of God came to exhort me, but thanks to my occultic powers I detected that he wasn’t pure before God. So I made a prayer to distract him, and he then began to talk about insignificant things. That is why God’s servants must be holy and prepared each day. Starting that day, all of my clothing disappeared, because they all came from the invisible world. The same thing happened to my priest’s robes. The three suitcases full of money from which I supplied myself also disappeared. One after the other, my automobiles broke down… What a mess I got into! From now on, I had no more contact with the invisible world, although I still had my magical chain necklace, my magic powder and my prayer booklet.


Jesus calls me to Himself


One day at 4 PM, I was alone, and busy sketching the organization chart of the company I wanted to start with the invisible world, not knowing that things has taken a different turn. I heard a voice calling me, but I was unable to locate it. I thought it was a dream or a misunderstanding, and I continued my work. Later, around 2 AM, I heard a voice calling me. I jumped, thinking it was BOMBARD, and I went to the restroom in order to talk to him, but no one was there. This happened twice in a row, and I decided not to answer any more. This same voice was heard thirty minutes later. I listened to it attentively. I wasn’t BOMBARD’s voice. This voice was melodious and full of compassion. It asked me to abandon what was still left. I asked Him who He was, and He answered me: “I AM YOUR LORD JESUS CHRIST… IT IS I, JESUS, WHO IS CALLING YOU…” It was for me something incredible… to talk with Jesus Christ! Where could I start? But it was an undeniable reality! It was a reality more profound than the occultic world I knew. I had never heard anyone say that Jesus spoke to humans since He had gone to Heaven. That night I was tormented, trying to understand, but without success. I invoked BOMBARD, but I could no longer enter into contact with him. I felt anguished, but it was dispelled in a way I knew not how. During my next meeting with my sister, Theresa, she indicated to me the address of the church of BANDAL, at






Number 39 KINKOLA Street. I went by to verify the information, and I found people in the midst of prayer, but I returned home. The next day, I went in there of my own accord, and the Word of God that was preached that day touched my heart. This word, preached by Brother BEYA WETU, described the manner ELIJAH had arranged the altar and invoked the Lord to consume the sacrifice (1 Kings 18:30-40). I persevered in prayer, and in October 1985, I received a letter from my little brother from KANANGA, telling me that my parcel near the hospital had been confiscated by a would-be buyer, and inviting me to return to KANANGA to solve the problem. I understood that it was still the first prophecy that was being accomplished. Then, it was my magic eyeglasses that disappeared. That day they were at Brother BADIBANGA’s home. When he came to tell me that he had lost my glasses, I answered nothing, knowing of course what had happened. That same year, during a service on repentance that was held at BANDAL, I thought it useless to keep the objects that remained, and with sincerity surrendered to one of my brothers my chain necklace and my prayer booklet. And this was MY BREAKING OFF WITH MAGIC. Several months later, my father wrote to me to tell me that my wife had deserted our home, abandoning our children.


A year of combat for my deliverance


I found myself completely stripped of everything, to begin my life all over again from zero. It was difficult to bear, but God’s hand was constantly upon me to keep me from the worst. I was followed by a prayer group located in the BANDALUNGWA zone. It is there that I received a complete deliverance. My deliverance lasted ONE YEAR! When a Satanist leaves his master, Satan does everything to slow down his activities, to have him be fired from his work, and sends him curses and diseases by the means of his demons. These demons also suggest to the person to abandon the Lord, saying He is the cause of all these ills. I went through these trials. I have spent entire days without any food, and all those who could have helped me closed their door on me. I didn’t even have a decent pair of shoes or pants to wear! The devil wanted me to rot in poverty. During that time, my mind was colonized by demons, who would make me recall the movie of the happiness of my past, suggesting






that I should get back into their camp. I had to ask help from some brothers, who sacrificed themselves through prayer in order to avert this oppression. During this period of great persecution, the devil and his acolytes had resolved to kill me, fearing the divulging of all of their secrets. Thousands of demons began to attack me, even physically, and threatened me with death. But thanks be to our Lord JESUS CHRIST, who has kept me by His hand! A smile started to come back to my lips, though I didn’t have any financial resources. In time, the Lord accomplished the project He had formed for me, giving me step by step the gifts of prophecy, of healing and of discerning of the spirits, and the ministry of a doctor. When I began to serve the Lord, I still didn’t know how to understand the will of Jesus Christ for me. I therefore looked for work to help myself financially, but it didn’t succeed. It was then that the Lord revealed to me, through a brother, that He was calling me to serve Him full time. By the grace of God, I got remarried, for my first wife had been imposed upon me by the world of darkness. We possess a GREAT PEACE although we don’t have millions to live on. My wife fell ill, and no disease was diagnosed despite her extreme pain. We prayed to the Lord, and He healed her. A great dryness had invaded us like a cloud. Today, I can affirm, with our brother Paul, that “what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ. But indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ” (Philippians 3:7-8). Since that day, I contemplate the glory of God in my life, for He has declared that He will never leave me nor forsake me (Hebrews 13:5). I give thanks to God for the love He has shown me by pulling me out of the pit of perdition which I had rushed, to transform me today into a watchman for His people, as He had declared to me in a prophecy concerning me. Our communion being with the Father and His Son (1 John 1:3), with all of my heart I send an invitation out, pleading, to all of those who are still in the Roman Catholic system and its associated groups, as well as to all the sorcerers, satanists and magicians, begging them to get out, for there is no life found in these things. And the Lord will welcome them. “Therefore, come out from among them and be separated, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you. I will be a father to you, and you shall be My sons and





daughters, says the Lord Almighty” (2 Corinthians 6:17-18). Our God is alive, He is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. He gives mercy to whom He wishes, and His plan is a plan of Salvation and happiness to anyone who believes in Him! Brother BAKAJIKA M.N.




After reading this book, if you are not certain to be saved and to go directly to Heaven if death should claim you now, you must repent of your sins, turn toward the Lord Jesus Christ, and say this simple prayer with a sincere heart: “Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner and that I can’t save myself by my good works. I know I deserve to go to hell. I am sorry I have sinned, that I practised idolatry or things you consider to be abominations. I ask you to forgive me. Wash away all of my sins in your precious blood. By faith, I now receive you in my life as Saviour and Master, and as my only hope of salvation. Come into my heart now, and save me according to your promise. Write my name in your Book of Life! I ask all of this in your precious Name, and thank you to answer me now. Amen!” You must also: – immediately stop practising magic, sorcery, satanism, or religious idolatry. – burn or destroy any objects, books or documents associated with these practices. – join yourself to a group or church of real Christians, where you will be able to receive the baptism of water by immersion, according to the Lord’s command, and receive teaching of the Word of God according to the truth, to make you into a real disciple of Christ.





© Bakajika Muana Nkuba 1996


©All rights reserved


Translated from French by Nathalie Brun


First Published in French 1992





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