PRINCE OF SWITZERLAND– Principality of economy and financial control

PRINCE OF JAPAN– Principality of communication, computer, transmission, television

PRINCE OF GREECE– Principality of spots footballer hand dragon and monster logos.
On every sport field, you will find the sweat of the athletes. Satanists would go to football fields etc. to collect the soil so they could get the sweat of the sportsmen and women. They would use incantations to get the sweat of each person so that they can steal the person’s destiny.

PRINCE OF IRAQ– principality of war and weaponry technology for weapons they are responsible for bloodshed

PRINCE OF LOS ANGELES – Principality of culture. They change cultures through bad habits, violence and Soap Operas.

PRINCE OF HOLLAND– Principality of drugs and alcohol

PRINCE OF THAILAND -Principality of prostitution lesbianism pornography homosexuality

PRINCE OF INDIA -Principality of false religion spiritual fortresses around territories and set off of territorial guards to prevent the gospel from entering Buddhism Islam Hinduism are the three deadliest religions and have the most fierce demon on Earth territorial demands cannot leave except the receiver authority from the higher class demon under territorial Guardian the is an army.

PRINCIPALITY OF NEW YORK– control and world government and power on Earth governors and Court ruling against choosing and corruption world systems Illuminati, Rockefellers, Bill Gates.

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