9 Powerful Weapons to Overcome the Devil | Dr. Venner J. Alston | Something More

Join Dr. Venner J. Alson as she shares 9 powerful weapons for you to overcome the devil! God wants you equipped for battle, and He’s given you spiritual weapons to attack and defeat satan!
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Praying, but no answer? Venner Alston says it’s not your faith—it’s your FIGHT. She says it’s time to take it to the next level!

Heaven has angel armies for good reasons. One of them is because you have a voice. So when was the last time you took back something from the kingdom of darkness?

Venner Alston suggests that the problem is not with your faith. It’s with your fight. God gave you armor for a reason!

In her new book & 4-CD set, Next Level Spiritual Warfare, Venner challenges you to dominate the lower realms with your mouth. Like Israel, you take your inheritance by force—that means you wage war with your words and the word of God. AND YOU WIN. Venner’s way is for you to:

• Use strategies for restoration and retribution
• Understand the 3 levels of warfare
• Know your mighty weapons
• Know the difference between waiting and delay
• Actively partner with God and get revelation

Venner says silence is not an answer! Pray until your knowing comes! And she can help.

Venner J. Alston, Ph.D. is a gifted teacher and founder and apostle of Global Outreach Ministries and Traing Center, Milwaukee, WI.

▶▶Get your copy of How You Win by Dr. Venner J. Alston: http://bit.ly/362UELw

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